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Wrongly named animals
Pick the what these wrongly named animals really are.
Galapagos Animals
Pick the animals found on Galapagos Islands.
Movies Missing a Bird
Some of these movies aren't even about birds in any way, shape, or form.
Build the Human Skull
Does failing this quiz mean you're boneheaded?
Which mammal am I now?
Name the mammal I am (second edition).
NCAA Nickname by Animal Click
You'd think they would postpone the game if an alligator got loose on the field.
Animals Brought Back From the Brink: Picture Click
Pick the correct animals which were brought back from the edge of extinction when prompted.
Pelican Animals - [Picture Click]
Find the correct animal with 'pelican' in their common name.
Sir... You're Making a Scene
It's impolite to talk with your mouth full.
Can you choose the correct tongue for each member of the animal kingdom, from the three picture options offered?
Animal Inspired Pokémon
And here we thought Pokémon were real...
Get the Picture: Television Animals
Can you select whether each of the named animal TV characters is a dog, cat, or horse?
Beaded Birds
Name the beaded Birds on these pictures.
Subcategory Sort: Missing Word, Quick Pick, Word Ladder
It's like three Daily Doses in one!
Country by Unique Animal
When given the name of a country, can you find the picture of the animal* that is found in the wild only in that country?
Close-up Animal Faces 2
Name the animal from the close up of its face.
Word Ladder: Dangerous Insect
Name the six-letter words in this word ladder.
Get the Picture: Fish or Bird
Can you choose whether the given animal is a kind of fish or bird?
Animal Phyla (Picture Click)
Pick the animal that represents each phylum listed.
Can you choose the correct eye for each member of the animal kingdom named, from the three picture options offered?
Closer Relative (Mammals)
Given the choice between the animals A and B (see How to Play for details), select which one is more closely related to the mammal in the large picture.
Quick Pick: Wild Cats of North America
Can you quickly pick the wild cat breeds native to North America while avoiding the decoys?
Animals by Emoji II
Name these animals by their emoticon representations.
Get the Picture: Animals by Continent
For each animal, can you choose the continent to which it is native?
Click an Island Giant
They say bigger is better, but some animals should stay small.
Mammal by Necklace
Pick the necklace which was inspired by each mammal.
Odd One Out - Science
In astronomy, the odd one out is out of this world.
Animals with a Bunny
Hop to it, all these other animals already have.
Animals by Painted Eggs
Even animals celebrate Easter.
Breeds of Pig or Cake?
Can you raise the breeds of pig, without scoffing the cakes, biscuits and desserts from around the world?
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