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Rodents Of Unusual Size? I don't think they exist.
Close-Up Animal Faces
Even if they're wild animals, they still get excited about a good photobombing opportunity.
Wrongly named animals
Pick the what these wrongly named animals really are.
Draw a Badge: Adroit Olympian
Name an Animal at the basis of these Mythological Creatures to draw the 'Adroit Olympian' Badge
Almost Useless Animal Trivia
Sometimes, unleashing your inner animal means settling down for a nap.
Multi-Category Miscellaneous Blitz
You never really know what you're gonna get with a Miscellaneous quiz.
Images for Every Subcategory: Science
Can you choose the image that correctly answers each science subcategory question?
Find the White Animals
Can you find the correct white animal to match each name?
Find the Red Animals
Sorry, you won't find Clifford in this quiz.
Find the Blue Animals
There are some beautiful creatures living out in the wild, blue yonder.
Extinct Apex Predators - [Picture Click]
Can you find the extinct apex predators?
Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park
It's a Jurassic World, and we're just living in it.
When birds burp, does it smell like worms?
Just 3 Words: Animals
These words are just beastly.
Quick Pick: Meat vs Animal
Pick the animal the given meat comes from.
Find the Cartoon Ungulates
To err is human, to moo bovine.
Birds 7-to-1
Can you match each bird to the group in which it belongs?
Dog Faces
Find the Cartoon Bears
We can't bear animal puns.
12 to 1 Boys' Names Sorting Gallery
A baby by any other name would cry just as much.
Animals by Emoji
Who needs words when we have emoji?
Teddy Bears as Other Animals II
If you're half bear and half deer, does that make you a beer?
Dips or Dog Breeds?
Aww, those are the cutest dips we've ever seen!
Penguin, Pigeon, or Parrot?
If Monty Python is involved, let's hope it's NOT a parrot.
Animals Eating Bananas
We find this quiz appeeling.
► Animals - Snakes
Snakes have flexible jaws which allow them to eat prey bigger than their head. Snakes don't have external ears but internal ones, they don’t have eyelids and their scale-covered skin is smooth and dry. There are around 3000 different species of snakes.
Scientific Names
Little known fact: the scientific name for quizmaster is Sporclus Awesomus.
Shark Week
Live every week like it's shark week.
Major Animal Phyla
Your zoology minor is finally relevant!
Animals by Species
For whatever reason the hints on this quiz remind me of the old Johnny Carson - Carnac the Magnificent skit...good times.
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