Science Animal

Strange Aquatic Animals
Does the ocean have some weird stuff in it? You bet your wrasse it does!
4-Letter Animals per Letter
We think this quiz is quite ribbiting.
Mammals of Africa
It's like a real safari without the bug bites.
Have You Seen These Animals? II
This is how turduckens happen.
Dogs and Cats in Literature
These characters had ruff time meowking this quiz.
Have a (Rubber) Ducky Halloween!
These duck costumes really quack us up!
Native Animals 7-to-1
Where are these animals right at home?
'E' Natural World
Each earthy endeavor ends eloquently.
10 to 1: Animals II
To get 100%, you'll have to be as cunning as a... well, you know.
The Cute Sporcle Quiz
Warning: this quiz may be too cute to handle!
5 by 5 Animals
With millions of animal species to choose from, we give you 25.
Birds of North America
They've been saying it for years, Sporcle is really going to the birds.
Evolutionary Word Tree
Branch out and try a different type of word ladder.
Someone call animal control!
Unlikely Animal Friendships
Everyone could learn a thing or two from these animals.
A Musician Rat
None of the rats in this quiz were in the band Ratt.
Baby Beasts V
We can't decide why baby animals are so cute. Is it the extra fluff or just because they're so small?
Animals Venn Diagram
Sort the animals into the right categories.
Venomous Animals (Picture Click)
This quiz is ... Poison -- Bell Biv Devoe
Asian Mammals
This quiz is full of pandamonium.
3-D Science Facts
This quiz is in a whole other dimension.
Animals Across Human History
Even the cave painting is better than anything we could ever draw.
Animal Homonyms
Play majestically, like an eagle in flight.
Dancing Animals
Now that is a foxtrot!
Biological Adjectives
For when planty and animally are not enough.
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