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Lyrics for Every Letter: Mystery Album #22
Can you name a lyric starting for each letter of the alphabet for these three unnamed songs and then guess the titles of these songs, the recording artist, and the album on which they appeared?
80s Rap Group by Album
Pick the 80s Rap Group by Album.
Zeppelin Album Minefield
Can you pick all the Led Zeppelin Studio Albums and avoid the decoys?
AC/DC Studio Albums
Name the AC/DC Studio Albums.
Mis-Matched Albums
Can you fix the scrambled music album titles by matching them with their counterparts?
Catch the 'Band on the Run' Convicts
Can you catch the convicts who are on the run?
Ramones Studio Albums (Clickable)
Name the studio albums released by the Ramones, while avoiding the decoys.
1976 #1 UK album Match
Match the 1976 UK #1 albums to the artists.
10 to 1: Radiohead Songs by Album
10 to 1: Radiohead Songs by Album
Hide Your 'D' Albums
Locate all 24 music albums that start with the letter 'D', when given 3 of their songs, and 'hide' them away safely.
Find the Missing Food & Drinks in Music Albums
Can you click on the correct food or drink that completes each music album?
10 from 10: Best Albums of the 1980s
Name the ten best albums of the 1980s according to these sources.
Matchup: Kendrick Lamar Songs
Match the two parts to make a song from Kendrick Lamar's DAMN album.
Soundtrack 5 by 5
Pick the five songs on the five soundtracks.
Album Titles That Don't Make a Lot of Sense
Pick the missing word that doesn't seem to belong in each album title.
'P' Album Covers
Name the 'P' albums by their covers.
Beatles Blue Album Map
Name the tracks on the Beatles 1967–1970 'Blue' Album.
Artists by Unfinished Albums
Pick the artists by descriptions of their unfinished albums.
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