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Find the Missing Colors in Album Titles
The dark side of the moon is more colorful than you might expect.
Portrait of an Artist: Nirvana
Nevermind that it's been 25 years - Nirvana still entertains us.
Hail to the Thief album cover
Name the words on the cover of Radiohead's album Hail to the Thief.
'B' Albums by 3 Singles
Some people are born to run, others are born to play quizzes all day.
Quick Pick: 2Pac Albums
Can you correctly identify the 2Pac albums while avoiding the decoys?
Album Map: Pearl Jam 'Ten'
Why is it called Ten if it has eleven songs?
Missing Word: Linkin Park Songs (A-Z)
Name the missing words from these Linkin Park songs.
Breaking Rock Band News!
You've read it here first.
Katy Perry Songs by Any Word
Few stars know how to sparkle like Katy Perry.
Beatles by Album Cover Location
Pick the correct positioning of (J)ohn, (P)aul, (G)eorge, and (R)ingo on each of the Beatles album covers? (See How to Play).
RYM's Top 300 Albums of the 90's
Can you name Rate Your Music's Top 300 Albums of the 90's?
Album Cover Kaleidoscope
Name these albums when they're shown through a kaleidoscope.
Albums Rainbow
Name these albums arranged in rainbow order.
Music Sixes
This quiz is music to our ears.
1980s album covers I
Name these 1980s albums.
Avril Lavigne Albums
This quiz isn't as complicated as you might think.
Get the Picture: Led Zeppelin Albums
Can you click on the correct album cover for each Led Zeppelin song?
2019 Grammy Award Winners
Can you choose the winners of each category in the 61st Grammy awards?
Ariana Grande Albums
This quiz is a grande slam.
K-pop Albums Picture Click (2017)
Can you identify the popular K-pop Albums from their pictures?
Get the Picture: Michael Jackson Albums
Can you click on the correct album cover for each Michael Jackson song?
Shakira's Albums
Quizzes don't lie.
Either/Or in 30: Albums
Here's an either/or quiz where you can choose between multiple necks on the a single guitar.
Almost Winners: Album of the Year Grammy
Pick the artists who were nominated for Album of the Year at the Grammys while avoiding the artists who have won the award.
Images for Every Subcategory: Music
It's time to face the music.
Backstreet Boys Albums
Backstreet's back, alright?
Female Artists from New York, USA: Albums 8 to 1
Match the albums to the correct artists from the state of New York.
Paint the Freddie Mercury
Can you name all the studio albums of the Queen and paint their lead vocalist in his famous pose?
Missing Word: Entertainment 'M'
Name the missing 'Entertainment' words beginning with 'M'.
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