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Odd One Out: Albums
In the case of Pink Floyd, it seems like all their album titles should be fake.
Artists on Their Album Cover (2000s)
These artists just need to be front and center.
Artists on Their Album Cover (1990s)
In the '90s no one had time to Photoshop their album covers...and it shows.
Indie Rock Album Covers of the 2000s
The 2000s was a great time for the emergence of indie rock.
Radiohead Songs
Radiohead albums are like a heart attack, they strike without warning and you're never the same after.
Taylor Swift Albums
This quiz is frankly just a shameless plug to get Kanye to tweet about Sporcle.
Songs on Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
With a simultaneous U.S. and U.K. release in the spring of 1967, this album is considered by many to be the greatest album of all time. I may not be a rock critic, but I think it's pretty good too.
5-Star Albums (Bands)
Who rated all these albums so highly?
Can You Name All Of The Black Veil Bride Songs?
Can you name every Black Veil Brides song that's been released?
The Sporcle '90s Music Mystery
Name the suspect, room, and weapon to solve this '90s music-themed mystery by following the directions.
Rolling Stone Top Albums by Any Word
Just remember your prepositions and you'll come out just fine.
RIAA Songs of the Century (1970s)
The 70's arguably were the very best and worst that music had to offer.
Word Ladder: Pink Floyd Albums
Name the four-letter words from Pink Floyd album titles.
100 Tiny Album Covers
It's like we crossed Rolling Stone with CSI. Sounds like a pretty good show to us.
RIAA Songs of the Century (1960s)
These are the songs that Justin Timberlake's and Lady Gaga's parents listened to.
Best-Selling Hip Hop Artists
Name the Highest Selling Hip Hop Artists of All Time.
My Chemical Romance Albums
Name the My Chemical Romance Albums.
Name the Album or the Artist
It's like a mixtape for your brain.
Michael Jackson Songs
Happy birthday to the late King of Pop.
Michael Jackson Albums
Michael Jackson: August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009.
Nirvana's Greatest Hits
Not listed on this greatest hits albums is when during the MTV awards, Novoselic decided to toss his bass into the air and it ended up bouncing off his forehead.
Mixed Word: Grab Bag V
Name the answers from a 'mixed bag' of categories by unscrambling the words.
Ben Folds Songs
Name the songs of Ben Folds.
Eminem Songs
Do you think they'll ever release 9 Mile?
What Obsessed Muse Fans Know
Name the inside references you learn as a Muser.
The Art of Music
Can you choose the answer to each question involving art and music?
Awesome Mix Vol.1 Artist Match
Match the songs featured on the Guardians Of The Galaxy soundtrack 'Awesome Mix Vol.1' to their artists.
Iron Maiden Discography
Name the tracklist from all of Iron Maiden's albums.
Almost Winners: Best Pop Album Grammy
Pick the artists who were nominated for Best Pop Album at the Grammys while avoiding the artists who have won the award.
System of a Down Songs
Name the System of a Down Songs.
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