Album Quizzes

#1 Albums of 2016 (clips)
Aptly subtitled - "new nostalgia".
The Big Board: Music
This quiz features two of our favorite things: guitar face and awkward teenage pictures.
2016 Albums Picture Click
The sounds of the year just gone.
Beatles Albums by Any Song
For an added challenge, don't enter any song titles that are the same as the album they're on.
Opening Tracks
Where do I begin...?
Beatles Albums by Any Song Blitz
Beware all the non-album singles!
Portrait of an Artist: Queen
The King of quiz creators quiz about Queen
True or False: Billboard #1 Albums
Not the kind of billboard that you see on the highway.
Album by first 3 songs
Because, as we all know, an album without its beginning is just bum.
That's NOT on That Album!
Some of these would make for, shall we say, *interesting* tracklists...
Whose Album? Bruce, Billy or Bob
Here they are, on the road again - but is it Thunder Road, or 52nd Street?
ABBA Songs
ABBA's been a band since 1972, it's about time we had a quiz for them.
Music Bunker (Multiple Choice)
This quiz is not about Archie and Edith singing the theme to All in the Family
Rolling Stone's 50 Best Albums of 2015
Last year's best list from RS: do you know them, did you forget them, or just never know them at all? Find out here.
Bands by solo albums
Better off alone, or proof the whole is greater than its parts? You decide...
Pick My Album 'R'
Bring back psychedelic collage album art, please.
10 to 1: Rolling Stones Songs
These quizzes get much harder in the digital era
10 to 1: 1970s Albums
10 to 1 you'll really enjoy this quiz
🎼 Greatest Album+Single Artists 🎹
Can you name the artists that have both album and singles success in the U.S.?
Rolling Stone's 50 Best Albums of 2016
Here's another list for everyone to argue and complain about.
Artists on the Christmas Album Cover II
Unfortunately you won't find any hip-hop Christmas albums on this quiz.
What Does That Album Title Mean? Part II
What does anything mean? Some more intriguing origin tales.
1985 #1 album Match
From a year that's as '80s as they come.
Queen Albums per Letter
Long may they reign.
Which Album?: The Beatles
When will there there be a which Albom quiz? That would be easy, the answer would always be Mitch
Album to Artist ('70s)
It doesn't get any better than a decade of disco, glam, and punk.
What Does That Album Title Mean?
If you've ever wondered how these albums got their names, wonder no more.
Dudes in Shades on Album Covers
Some of these guys can pull it off, others not so much.
Seven Letter Music A-Z
You'd have trouble writing a song using only 7 letters, but that's all you need for a good quiz.
Australia's best selling albums by year
9/28 are even by Australians!
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