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Llama Font: Countries by Capitals
Name the countries when given their capitals in llama font.
Continuous Capital Chain
With the given letter hints provided, can you name every national capital in this puzzle? The first letter of each capital is the same as the last letter in the previous one.
10-Question Summaries: Gambia
Can you answer these 10 questions about the Gambia?
Which Country: African Landmarks IV
Click the country on the map of the Central Africa that corresponds with a landmark picture.
Standards of African presidents
Pick the flag of the president of the African country? .
Tournament of Countries: Africa
Pick the winners of each matchup in this round-by-round, single-elimination African country tournament? See How to Play..
Complete the Map Snippet II
Complete the map by naming each country that appears in the map snippet.
Erase Africa (A-Z)
The eraser on the back of your pencil probably won't make that much progress.
Scrambled African Lakes
Can you name unscramble the names of these African lakes?
Hide Africa's Flags (Minefield)
The real nutty trick would be hiding all of the flags under other flags.
Atlantic Slave Trade: Know Your History
Can you select the correct answer for each topic related to the history of Atlantic slave trade?
Place 60 major African ethnic groups on a map
Can you place 60 major African ethnic groups on a map?
First One - Last One: Geography
The middle ones don't really mind, they appreciate the anonymity.
Pick the Anagram: Continents
Pick the word jumbles that are actual anagrams of continents.
Southern Hemisphere Border Blitz
Yeah, we definitely just cut the Earth in half. Don't question it.
Missing Word Map: West Mediterranean
Can you fill in the missing words to these geographical features on the map below?
Countries as Anime Characters
Name the countries whose flags have been personified as anime characters.
Growing Grid: Capitals of Africa
Name the increasingly longer capitals given the African country.
Inverted Colour Flags of Africa
Name the African country by its flag with the colours inverted.
5 Geography Fivesomes
Name the five things in each of these geography-themed fivesomes.
Country by Fighting Style
Can you find each country based on the fighting style that originated there?
Geographic Person
Name the countries that form this rather strange person.
Seven-Letter African Countries
We're pretty sure 'Democratic Republic of the Congo' doesn't fit here.
Top 20 Cities of Tanzania on a Map
Tanzania is much bigger than this in real life, we had to shrink the map to fit your screen.
Trivia Bracket: African Countries
Can you decide which African country 'wins' each matchup at each stage to declare one final winner? To start off the bracket, name each featured country based on its outline.
Wannabe African Countries
Pick the current countries to these areas where active separatist movements are fighting for a seceding sovereign state.
Pick the World Heritage Sites in Senegal.
Square World
Step aside, flat Earth theory. We're coming in with the square Earth theory. No, it's not Minecraft.
Proposed Flags
Do you know the Countries where these examples were proposed Flags?
Quick Pick: Former African Country Names
Can you quickly pick the former name that was applied to each prompted African country?
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