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African Challenge: Top 4 Countries
Kenya believe we've never done a quiz like this before?
Mammals of Africa
It's like a real safari without the bug bites.
Clickable Countries by Continent
If we were still all part of Pangea, this quiz would be a no-brainer.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Geography
If only every test in school were multiple choice...
Least Populous Country of Africa per Letter Minefield
To be fair, Africa does contain the world's largest uninhabitable space.
'AFRICA'-less Countries
You can take 'Africa' out of a country, but you can't take a country out of Africa.
African Landlocked Countries Minefield
Going to the beach in these countries would be... difficult.
Find the Sahara Desert Countries
Everybody loves finding dessert! Oh this is about a desert...nevermind.
Countries of Africa on a Globe
If you don't mind the bird's eye view, this is a great way to visit every country in Africa.
10 to 1: African Geography
With more countries than any other continent, this quiz should have plenty of trivia to go around.
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