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The Nigeria Quiz
Nigeria has more people than France, Italy, and Spain combined.
World Capital Length Match
Pick the country with the capital that is the specified length.
African Independence from Belgium
Can you find the 3 countries of Africa that gained independence from Belgium?
Build a Mosaic of Egypt
Can you answer the following trivia questions and make a colorful mosaic of Egypt?
Bordering the Democratic Republic of the Congo on a Map
Now you know your DRCs, next time won't you sing with me.
Google maps - 25 largest African cities
Name the 25 largest African cities from a snapshot of Google Maps.
Literature Set In Africa
Match the titles and plot descriptions of the literature set (at least partially) in Africa.
Click 30 Closest Capitals to Lagos
Can you find the 30 closest capitals to Lagos, Nigeria ; while avoiding the decoys?
Pixel Art - African Flag #4
Type the names of African countries to fill in the pixelated version of one of their flags. Once you know the flag's country, type its name between pound signs (i.e., #Country#) to complete the quiz.
Bordering 'S' Countries - Africa
Pick the countries of Africa which border a country starting with the letter 'S' (in Africa).
African Country Venn Diagram
Pick the correct spots in the venn diagram for all of the countries listed.
20 Country Snapshot VI
Alright Earth, try to look like you're having fun.
Sahara Desert Country Click
Clicking your way across the Sahara is much easier than traveling by camel.
Africa Map: Capitals Not Welcome
1.2 billion people live in Africa. Not all of them in countries' capitals.
Northern Hemisphere Africa Minefield
We would suggest not clicking South Africa here.
Closest Countries to Sudan
Come closer, but don't touch!
African Geography Bunker
Kenya get to sector 15 of this geography bunker?
Animals of Zambia
I'd love to visit Zambia to see these animals... but preferably from inside an armored vehicle.
5 Languages Per Continent
Can you pin-point these languages?
Anything but Gabon
Name the countries of the world (apart from Gabon) that....
Flag Color Click: South Africa
Of course the country with 3 capitals would have a flag with 6 colors.
Cities Sorting Gallery IV
Even cities need to be sorted out sometimes.
'R' in Geography
Don't be Russian through this quiz to finish under the timer.
Black in the Flag: Africa
Name the African countries which have black in their flag.
Bordering 'C' Countries - Africa
'C' in the Center of Afica
21st Century African Leaders
Can you identify the following 21st century African leaders pictured below?
Click the Tropical Countries (Picture Click)
Can you pick countries that lie ENTIRELY within the tropics?
African Footballer of the Year: 1992-2016
Name the African Footballers of the Year (1992-2016).
Africa Country Letter Pair Blitz
'The countries go marching two by two, hurrah, hurrah.'
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