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Actors with Natural Features (Missing Word)
Can you cross Sally Field and climb Jonah Hill?
Get The Picture: Bogart, Bacall or Both?
Can you choose whether the given film stars Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, or both of them?
Missing Word: TV IA - IZ
Name the last word of these TV shows (IA-IZ).
Same Word, Different Movies XI
Like they always say, "sharing is caring".
Best Actress Oscar Winners by Biography Title
Who will play them in the movie adaptation?
Actors by Same First Letter Movies II
At least you won't have to spell "Schwarzenegger".
Celebrity by Animated Character
Name the celebrity when given an image of a animated character they voiced.
Match The Real-Life People To Actors Who Played Them
Being played by Meryl Streep is not an honor everyone will recieve.
Doris Day Movies
R.I.P. Doris Day (1922-2019)
Missing Word: Zoe Saldana
Name the missing words in these Zoe Saldana movies.
Katharine Hepburn Oscar Winners
Katharine Hepburn is the only person to ever win 4 Oscars for acting. Can you name the movies for which she won?
Pick the Kate Winslet Movie
As far as we're aware, she hasn't yet starred in Kiss Me, Kate.
Mexican-American Actors I
How many of these actors do you know?
Actor Movie Chain: 1990s
Extra credit if you find the weakest link.
Blonde and Brunette Roles
Can these actors act like it's their natural color?
Missing Word: Movies of 1961
Name the words that complete the titles of these 1961 movies.
Word Ladder: MCU Actors
Can you provide the 4-letter words and names in this word ladder with actors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Aubrey Plaza Movies
She'll always be April Ludgate. Or maybe Tatiana?
Born in April: GIF Calendar Pick - 2019
Pick the person who was born on the month, date and day of the week shown on this calendar? (See How to Play).
Glenn Close: Movie Last Word
What's your favorite Glenn Close movie?
Their ABC, CBS, & NBC Shows
Given, in order, an ABC, then a CBS, and finally an NBC series, can you name the one actor that was a regular in all three of them.
Inverted Faces
Name the people from images of them with inverted colours.
Quick Pick: Jessica Chastain Movies
Pick the missing words from these Jessica Chastain movies.
Clickable Jodie Foster Golden Globes
Will you ever have this many Golden Globes?
Royal Posers
Name the actresses who have played or voiced Queen Elizabeth II in TV and film? .
Movies Cast Foursomes
Three's a crowd, but four's a party.
Emma Thompson Movies
"I don't have any technique because I never learnt any." ~Emma Thompson
Actors in Agatha Christie Adaptations
Name the actors pictured in each screen (film or TV) adaptation of an Agatha Christie work.
Actresses on Two Long Running Series
These ladies took up a lot of screen time. Twice.
To Boldly Go Into The Twilight Zone
The Final Frontier has changed.
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