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Their ABC, CBS, & NBC Shows
Given, in order, an ABC, then a CBS, and finally an NBC series, can you name the one actor that was a regular in all three of them.
Glenn Close: Movie Last Word
Can you click the last word of these Glenn Close movies?
Aubrey Plaza Movies
Name The Aubrey Plaza Movies.
MCU actors/actress by emoji
Can you name all the MCU characters in these emoji?
5-Star Oscar Nominated Actors II
Oscars aren't graded on a star scale, but maybe they should be.
5-Star Best Picture Winners II
Usually movies only get rated up to four stars, but we'll make an exception for these ones.
No, we're not asking you to sort out a Streep family photo. Maybe next time though.
Oscar Best Actresses
You like them, you really really like them!
Click Me Five: Movies
Watch a lot of movies and you'll start to see some patterns.
5-Star Movies
Usually it's far too expensive to get 5 stars in the same movie, but for Sporcle they make an exception.
Actors by Same First Letter Movies
Some actors prefer keeping their alphabets simple.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Movies
Can you sort the 100 Movies items in this 1 to 10 to 1 sorting gallery?
101 Movie Title Characters
Quizzes are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.
Oscars Trivia by Sporcle Category
Do they give an Oscar for Best Knowledge of Oscars?
Actors By Movie 7-to-1: 2002
Has it really been 16 years since these movies came out?
Actors & Actresses by Movie: 'B'
Just don't call them B-list.
Celebrity Last Names in Songs
This quiz takes 'crossover artist' to a whole other level.
Friends Cast Photo
You could say we'd like to be pals with these people.
5-Star Movies II
Who ever heard of a 6-star movie anyway?
Three Movies: 'M' Actors
Mmmmm... movies.
Missing Word: Eternal Sunshine...
Name the missing words from the movies in which these Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind actors appeared.
Harry Potter Muggle Match
Dad loves Muggles. He thinks they’re fascinating.
Movie Trivia
Can you answer these trivia questions about popular movies?
Actors By Movie 7-to-1: 2005
Can you match each actor to the correct 2005 film in which they appeared?
Actors By Movie 7-to-1: 2001
These movies may have come out over a decade before, but we remember them like it was yesterday.
Actors & Actresses by Movie: 'H'
Here's a handful of happy actors.
5-Star Oscar Nominated Actors
You could say these actors have their act together.
Who Am I? Film Actors and Actresses
They play so many characters, sometimes even they get confused about who they really are.
Harry Potter Actor-Character Trap
There's no one like Hermione to help you out of a trap.
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