Movies Actress

First Names in Movies?
But can these first names actually act?
Famous Fives: 21st Century Movies
Cheers to you, Leo. You may only have one Oscar, but you've certainly made your rounds through a lot of Sporcle quizzes.
I'm Seeing (Stunt) Double!
One of these people puts their life on the line each day at work. The other makes millions of dollars.
Right Movie, Wrong Characters
We loved Claire Underwood in that one movie with the guy from Twister.
TV Show by 'And ...' Credit
Seems like half of these could be Ted McGinley...right before the show is cancelled.
TV Character by Younger Self
All that time on television can really age a person.
Renée Zellweger Movies
Apparently Renée Zellweger forgot she was once married to Kenny Chesney, not that we could blame her.
Silver-Themed Trivia
You don't need a silver tongue or a silver spoon to do well on this quiz, just a silver brain.
Top Billed Actors On IMDb V
There's one Bill in this quiz. You could call him the true Top Billed Actor of the quiz.
Questioning Movie Quotes VI?
Why do you think we like movie quotes so much?
Iconic Movie Dresses: Red, Pink, Purple, and Blue
High-end women's fashion on the silver screen.
Oscar Winners in Early TV Roles
If you told us they were going to win an Oscar way back when they were on these shows, we'd have laughed in your face.
68th Emmy Awards Acting Nominees by Picture
"Just being in a Sporcle quiz is honor enough."
Celebrities Taking Selfies
How many selfies does any one person need?
Movie Cast Match (1988)
We spilled our box of 1988 movies on the floor. How fast can you count them?
Movie Characters by Younger Self II
Ah, to be young again...
Clue: Accuse the Actors
This is the classic Hollywood whodunnit.
5-Star Box Office Actresses II
This is one star-studded quiz.
Movie by Two Actors
Sometimes, it takes more than one person to save the galaxy.
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