Actress Quizzes

Gold-Themed Trivia
It's a gold mine of information.
Famous Horror Character/Actor Match
Who's behind the mask?
Streep, Sarandon, or Sigourney?
Can we get all three in the same movie, please?
The Struggle is Real - Oscars
Yeah they may have struggled, but an Oscar makes it worth it.
In Memoriam 2016 (Picture Click)
An awful lot of famous folks who passed in 2016.
Debbie Reynolds or Carrie Fisher?
Rest in Peace, Carrie and Debbie.
Quick Pick: Carrie Fisher Films
Rest in Peace to a true Princess. May the Force be with you, Carrie Fisher. 1956-2016
Missing Word: Debbie Reynolds
Farewell to a true icon. Debbie Reynolds (1932-2016)
Carrie Fisher Movies
RIP Carrie Fisher (1956 - 2016)
Actors & Actresses by Movie: 'B'
Just don't call them B-list.
Acting Musicians II
This quiz is proof that sometimes it's best to leave the acting to a professional.
Movie Stars: Last 5 Years
Here's where all those trips to the movie theater will pay off.
What Have You Done For Me Since... Star Wars
We should be wondering, what have WE done for THEM since Star Wars?
Who Was Top Billed?
Once you've been top billed, that's when you know you've made it.
Were They in That Movie? II
Samuel L. Jackson was in all these movies, but he couldn’t be included in this quiz because he was in the first one.
Multiple Real People Disorder III
There is no known cure.
Found in 100 Years of Cinema
A group photo across time and space.
Rosy-Cheeked Celebrities
If you're embarrassed about doing poorly on this quiz, at least you'll have company.
Devoted Actors
Oh sure, when these actors gain weight it's because they're devoted to their craft, but when we eat too much at Thanksgiving we're 'setting a bad example for the kids.'
Gilmore Girls Character-Actor Match
Where You Lead, I Will Follow
Movie Foreshadowing
These movies all spoiled themselves.
Iconic Movie Dresses: Black, White, Silver, and Gold
From LBDs (little black dresses) to MBGs (magic ball gowns).
2 Broke Girls Cast Photo
And the Sporcle Quiz
Actors' and Actresses' Movies by Job
Now these are some hardworking actors and actresses.
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