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'70s Movie Character Match
In a galaxy far, far away; nobody can hear you scream.
Pick the Russell Crowe character that belongs to each movie.
Now that the pressure to win one Oscar is gone, how long until Leo wins a second?
This quiz reminds us that you should never travel with Tom Hanks. Something always goes wrong.
Click-A-De Niro
When clicking, aim carefully.
Unlike Jimmy Kimmel, we never run out of time for Matt Damon.
Which Will will it be?
No one:
Literally no one:
Nicolas Cage: I'm going to steal the Declaration of Independence.
Click-A-Downey, Jr.
Are Endgame spoilers allowed now?
We can hear this quiz and it is glorious.
You got this quiz going for you, which is nice.
Match the movie to the correct immature man-child character.
Pick the Christian Bale character that belongs to each movie.
It's like whack-a-mole, but less violent and more entertaining.
Carpe click 'em. Seize the mouse, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.
Pick the Tim Curry character that belongs to each movie.
4-Letter TV Men
Can you provide the 4-letter first names of these television characters?
Now's your chance to prove that you DO know Jack.
'90s Movie Character Match
"Show me the trivia!"
Pick the Ben Kingsley character that belongs to each movie.
Category Cracker: Television
We forgot to mention, you might have to figure out what the categories are too.
'80s Movie Character Match
Don't fall victim to a classic blunder, like getting involved in a land war in Asia, or clicking Hans Gruber when you should click Vizzini.
The Office Cast Match (US)
America's favorite mid-sized paper company is back.
'00s Movie Character Match
Pick the second character who appeared in the same movie from the 2000s as the one shown on top.
John Ratzenberger - The Voice of Pixar
Pick the John Ratzenberger character that belongs to each movie.
4-Letter Movie Men
Can you provide the 4-letter first names of these male movie characters?
Absent Letter Tim Robbins Characters
Can you click the characters Tim Robbins has played in alphabetical order when missing their first letter?
5-Letter Movie Men
It's alright to have five letters in your name as long as you don't have six fingers on your right hand.
10 to 1: Hollywood 🎥
Pick the answers that fit into each category related to the Hollywood Movie Industry.
Pick the Alan Tudyk character that belongs to each movie.
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