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5 Television Fivesomes
If three's a crowd we don't even know what that makes a group of 5.
Missing Member: Movies
Can you choose the missing member of each Movies group, set or pair?
Same Character, Two Oscars
Name the actors who have won Academy Awards in two separate movies for playing the same fictional character.
Click the Schwarzenegger Quotes
"I'll be back, I've just got to get to the chopper."
That Actor Is Something Else!
Pick the main profession of these people shortly before, or at the time that they were appearing in these movies and TV shows.
Schwarzenegger on Ice
If you like puns, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, welcome to your new favorite quiz.
Sunday Crossword: Brad Pitt
It's the handsomest crossword you'll play all year.
Sunday Crossword: Tom Hanks
Get well soon to one of Hollywood's best!
Famous People in the Movies
Yeah that... That really narrows everything down for us.
Sunday Crossword: Actor and Movie
This crossword is going to require you to go deeper.
Actor by Movies They Started and Ended the Decade With
Name the actor by the movies they starred in the beginning and ending of a decade.
Actors by Mega-Title
These movies are sure to be giant hits.
Best Actor Oscar Movies
Sometimes an Oscar leads to continuous Oscar nominations, sometimes it leads to Snow Dogs II.
Missing Word: Anagrammed Actor Pairs
The two people in each row share missing names that are anagrams of each other. Can you name them all?
Three Movies: 'P' & 'Q' Actors
It's time to mind your P's and Q's.
Pick the Leonardo DiCaprio Movie
At least he finally has an Oscar.
Vampire Diaries Characters
Mystic Falls really sounds like a nice place...except for all the vampires, witches, and werewolves.
3 Roles (1990s Edition)
These movies played a role in making the '90s so great.
Celebrity Diplomacy
Pick the diplomatic events or causes associated with each celebrity.
Pick the Tom Hanks Movie
If Tom Hanks was a hot dog, he'd be Tom Franks. If he was thankful, he'd be Tom Thanks. If he was a boat, he'd be Tom Cruise.
Oscar Best Actors
And for best performance by an Actor in a Leading Role...the Oscar goes to - All these guys!!!
Find the Canadian Movie Characters
Pick the Canadian movie characters.
Mr Bean Portrait (Slideshow)
Name these people photoshopped as Mr Bean.
Disney Channel shows by actors
Pick the live action Disney Channel shows by one of their actors.
'90s Movies by Cast
The dream of the '90s is alive on Sporcle.
5 Movie Fivesomes
Name the five things in each of these movie-themed fivesomes.
Al Pacino or Robert De Niro
You talkin' to me 'bout ATTICA!?! ATTICA!?!
Get the Picture: Newman or Oldman?
Can you choose whether Paul Newman or Gary Oldman starred in each film?
Images: All Academy Award Winning Movies (B Part 1)
Identify the films that start with B and have won Academy Awards
Match the Images: Movie Characters
In order to match the images, first imagine the matches.
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