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Actors in Disguise
A good way to win an Oscar is to bury yourself in makeup and prosthetics. Of course, it's also a pretty good way to make a fool out of yourself.
Cast of Friends
So no one told you life was gonna be this way...
One-Word Movies (A-Z)
Just be thankful we didn't use the Russian alphabet.
30 in 60: Male Movie Leads
You'll have to move fast, very fast, to get all these actors in the right spot.
Top 10 Box Office Stars (2000s)
To get ahead at the box office, it helps to be a little crazy.
10 to 1 Movie Countdown
There's so much violence in movie quizzes these days.
5-Star Movies
Usually it's far too expensive to get 5 stars in the same movie, but for Sporcle they make an exception.
Actor Speed Challenge
The title makes us wonder which actor might win in a foot race.
Lousy Descriptions of Tom Hanks Movies
Somehow I don't think that these descriptions are how these movies are pitched to the movie executives.
Actors in TV & Film
Some folks are successful on the small screen and the big screen, some folks are named David Caruso.
Wrong Answer Roulette: '90s Movies
Round and round these '90s movies go, where they stop, nobody knows.
Harry Potter Muggle Match
Dad loves Muggles. He thinks they’re fascinating.
Title Character Movies
It just makes it that much harder for these actors to forget their character's name.
Who's That Actor
Hey, who was that actor who played that one guy in the that movie about the stuff?
Fill-in–the–Blank: Male Names Movies
Drawing a blank? Just think manly thoughts!
Number Movies
You can always count on Sporcle to give your brain a good workout.
Oscar Best Actors
And for best performance by an Actor in a Leading Role...the Oscar goes to - All these guys!!!
5-Star Movie Characters
These characters are worth ten stars in our book.
Cast of Harry Potter
The first five Harry Potter films have been a box office juggernaut. Other than the previously unknown main characters, the rest of the cast is a veritable who's who of British actors and actresses.
Actors Highest-Grossing
Brace yourself, but George Clooney's highest grossing movie isn't 'Return of the Killer Tomatoes'
Grey's Anatomy Characters
I'm not a doctor, but I play one on Sporcle.
High School Movies
Ahhh teen angst, is there any richer fodder for cinema?
Scrubs Characters
Zach Braff and Donald Faison are best friends in real life. Now THATS guy love.
Who Are They Lookin' At? (Movie Edition)
As long as they don't break the fourth wall, they can look at whoever they want.
Jim Carrey Movies
Gaining fame as 'the white guy from In Living Color', he's gone on to make quite a few movies; Surprisingly not all of them involve fart jokes.
Acting Families
Some of these folks have acting in their blood, others just get to be in movies because their daddy knows the director.
Harry Potter Characters by Actor
It's all right, they're not really wizards.
Actor Pairings
For this quiz we have only included the best of the best, Redford and Newman, Pacino and De Niro, Feldman and Haim...
Top Grossing R Rated
Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.
Movie by Initials
Movie posters would be a lot more challenging if this is how movies were advertised.
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