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Two-Time Best Actor Oscar Winners
These are the guys who remembered to thank the academy the first time.
Top 10 Box Office Stars (1970s)
They probably spent all their money on leisure suits anyway.
Riverdale Characters in Every Season
Pick the Riverdale Characters who appear in every season? (Including dream sequences, flashbacks, hallucinations, and appearances played by different actors).
Get the Picture: Freeman or Jackson
Can you decide whether Morgan Freeman or Samuel L. Jackson starred in these movies?
Films Venn Diagram
Complete this Venn diagram based on these films.
Actor Movie Chain: 2000s
Movies are only as strong as their weakest actor.
Thrones, Star Wars & MCU Actors Venn Diagram
Can you click the most accurate section of the Venn diagram for each actor or actress?
Actors by Same First Letter Movies
Some actors prefer keeping their alphabets simple.
5 by 5 Movies by Actor
If you were stuck on a deserted island, you'd also be that excited about fire.
Iconic TV Duos II
These duos go together like cathode rays and high-vacuum tubes.
Blitz: Name an Actor Who Played...
The tough part is determining who played it best.
Friends Titles: Tom Hanks
We hope you had a nice Hanksgiving.
Stephen King Movies by Actor
No pets or actors were harmed during the making of this quiz.
I'm Seeing (Stunt) Double!
One of these people puts their life on the line each day at work. The other makes millions of dollars.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
If your name was Buffy you'd have to kill a lot of vampires to feel good about yourself too.
Actors & Actresses by Movie: 'B'
Just don't call them B-list.
10 Actors, 3 Decades
Turns out that Leo kid might have some staying power.
Actors' Movies by Topic II
Now if only Hollywood gave us a film that combined all these movie topics into one.
TV Shows Named After Characters II
These TV characters must feel pretty darn important.
Friends Episodes: 'This or That' Challenge
We'd be game to watch some of these fake episodes.
20 Famous Improvised Movie Scenes
Movies cost millions of dollars to make, but it seems like they make up a lot of things right on the spot.
5-Star Actors III
These actors are snobs and only work in groups of five, so if you're looking for one of the Three Amigos here, you're looking in the wrong place.
Movie Cast Match (1999)
1999 was a fantastic year for movies, and Prince.
Denzel Washington Needs a Job
It's hard to find a job that Denzel hasn't acted as.
Click Me Five: Movies
Watch a lot of movies and you'll start to see some patterns.
'B' Movie Characters
'B' characters don't necessarily make 'B' movies.
People Whose Names Are Sentences
At least they won't have trouble finding a nickname.
Best Actor Winners - First Names
It helps to be on a first-name basis with Oscar winners.
Movie by Initials
Movie posters would be a lot more challenging if this is how movies were advertised.
Disney Non-Protagonist Characters Crossword I
How well do you know your secondary Disney characters?
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