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How I Met Your Mother Characters
Kids, this is the Sporcle of How I Met Your Mother.
Glee Characters by Actor
Name the Glee Characters by Actor.
100 Worst Movies (2000s)
Many of these movies will get more screen time on Sporcle than they ever did in the theater.
Burt Reynolds Movies
R.I.P. Burt Reynolds (1936 – 2018)
James Bond Actors
These guys are just like every other actor out there, only a lot cooler. A perfect score on this quiz gives you a license to Sporcle.
4+ Oscar Acting Oscar Noms
I hope these casting directors were given a big raise.
Can you name all the Characters of Glee?
Name the Characters of Glee.
Harry Potter Characters by Actor
It's all right, they're not really wizards.
Top Grossing R Rated
Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.
IMDb by Year
Here's your homework for the summer, go see every movie on this list.
Beverly Hills 90210 by characters
Name the original Beverly Hills 90210 characters.
'Friends' in Movies
You may have noticed that one Friend has done slightly better than others in the movie department, don't worry I am sure they all still get along great.
Actors by Role
Han Solo and Indiana Jones would have been just a tad too easy for this quiz.
Same Last Names
For some of these people, the similarities stop at 'same last name.'
'Modern Family' Characters by Relationship
We're a little sad to find out that Pepper isn't even a distant relative.
High School Musical Characters
Name the High School Musical Characters from the actors that play them.
Gossip girl characters
Name the Gossip girl characters.
Lousy Descriptions of Tom Hanks Movies
Somehow I don't think that these descriptions are how these movies are pitched to the movie executives.
The Wire
Name the the characters from the Wire.
Twin Peaks Characters
'Oh Diane, I almost forgot. Got to find out what kind of trees these are. They're really something.'
Reservoir Dogs Actors
Don't worry—at Sporcle HQ we don't even accept tips.
One Tree Hill
Name the Characters of One Tree Hill .
Glee Characters
Name the main characters of Glee (Fox).
Who's That Actor II
So, who was that actor who played that one guy in that film about the stuff, you know, and he was trying to get that girl?
100 Greatest Actors
Name the 100 greatest male actors according to
CSI Labrats
Name the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation lab tech from the actor.
Two Oscars for Acting - Films
Every time an Oscar is given out, an agent gets his wings. --Kathy Bates, 2003.
Academy Award Acting Nominees (2000s)
Nominees is a lot different than winners...just ask Leo.
Ben Affleck Movies
Informal Poll: Ben Affleck movies, guilty pleasure or..well..just guilty?
NewsRadio Cast
'It's like trying to take pee out of a swimming pool. Once it's in there, it's in there.' - words to live by from NewsRadio
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