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Clint Eastwood Movies
Feeling lucky? Try your hand at Clint Eastwood's acting resume. Still feeling lucky?
Movies by Nemeses
Wouldn't it be awesome if Facebook had a 'nemesis' relationship option?
Movie Cast Match
Match the movie title with three actors from the film.
Missing Word: Summer Movies 2015
Name the missing words of these movies that will be released in the summer of 2015.
Degrassi Characters
Think of this as a Degrassi Community School yearbook.
Were They in Harry Potter?
These actors and actresses have other roles, you know!
Actor vs Actor (highest grossing)
According to Box Office Mojo, of the actors paired who is the highest grossing of the pair? (* read how to play)
Eponymous TV Show Characters
It's no mystery who the main character is for these shows.
Actor-Character Mix
Mixing these two up only ends with a head scratch.
Movie Cast Match (2014)
How many of these recent movies did you pay outrageous ticket prices to see?
The Office Cast Match (US)
America's favorite mid-sized paper company is back.
Seinfeld Award Winning Guest Stars
Name the actors who appeared on Seinfeld who won awards for other performances.
Singin' in the Movies
We don't advise singing in the movie theater. But we make a special case for the folks on screen.
Missing Word: Batmen
Name the missing word from Batmans' other films.
Missing Word: Guardians of the Galaxy Actors
Name the missing word from the movies these 'Guardians of the Galaxy' actors have appeared in.
Every Best Actor Oscar Nominee in chronological order
Can you name every Oscar Best Actor Nominee in chronological order
Most Lines in Game of Thrones by Season Ranks
Name the Most Lines in Game of Thrones by Season Rank.
Top of the Box Office (2014)
It's fitting that this quiz is a sequel.
Friends Cast Photo
You could say we'd like to be pals with these people.
Click 5: Movies Featuring 'W' Actors
You've probably seen Reese Witherspoon, but what do you know about Reese Withoutherspoon?
Famous Figures: Who Died First?
This is one contest you don't want to win.
Movies By Doll
Chucky has expressed his resentment at being snubbed by this quiz.
Movie Grab Bag Slideshow II
There's bound to be some unique objects in a movie grab bag.
Movie Grab Bag Slideshow
With so much movie trivia out there, sometimes you want a little bit of everything.
Match 'Em Up: Voice Actors
Pick the character, movie and actor that match.
Harry Potter Characters by Actor
It's all right, they're not really wizards.
Batman Villain Actors
If Burgess Meredith were still alive he might be pretty angry that he wasn't included.
American Horror Story: In All Four
Pick the 4 characters played by the actor or actress who has appeared in AHS: Murder House, Asylum, Coven, and Freak Show.
Big Movie Casts II
For big movies like these, you need some big names backing them up.
Tuxedos in Movies
What a bunch of snappy dressers.
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