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Actors & Actresses by Movie: 'D'
This is one 'D' list that these actors can be proud of.
Click Me Five: Actors by Role
Some jobs get all the movies.
Famous Fives: Best Picture Nominees
Name the Best Picture nominated movies within each category by an actor that also starred in it?
Harry Potter Actor-Character Trap
There's no one like Hermione to help you out of a trap.
Top 10 Box Office Stars (1970s)
They probably spent all their money on leisure suits anyway.
Actors Movie Cast Match LVI
Pick the three actors for each movie.
Famous Johns by Biography Title
Using only the book title, can you figure out which famous John these biographies are about?
Oscar-Nominated Actors In The Hunger Games
Name the actor, when given their Oscar win(s) and/or nomination(s) and their role in a Hunger Games film.
Click-A-De Niro
When clicking, aim carefully.
Actors & Actresses by Movie: 'G'
A collection of good, great, and grand actors and actresses.
Actors & Actresses by Movie: 'E'
These actors are excellent.
5-Star Oscar Nominated Actors
You could say these actors have their act together.
Were They in Harry Potter?
These actors and actresses have other roles, you know!
Actor-Character Mix
Mixing these two up only ends with a head scratch.
Missing Word: Frasier Cast
Name the missing words from these films featuring the cast of Frasier.
Movie Cast Match (1988)
We spilled our box of 1988 movies on the floor. How fast can you count them?
The Man in the Movies
Now's your chance to finally stick it to the Man.
Click Me Five: Movies II
You can count the number of movies using just the fingers on one hand. Isn't that something?
Every Single Best Actor Nominee
How Pauly Shore missed this list is beyond our comprehension.
Quick Pick: Pitch Perfect
Pick the actors that appeared in the film 'Pitch Perfect' whilst avoiding the decoys.
Best Actress Oscar Winners by Biography Title
Using only the book title, can you figure out which Best Actress Oscar Winners these biographies are about?
Grey's Anatomy: Over 100 Episodes
Pick the Grey's Anatomy characters that appear in over 100 episodes.
Quick Pick: Will Ferrell Movies
Pick the missing words from these Will Ferrell movies.
Movies Speed-Picking
It's the Sporcle equivalent to fast-forwarding.
Actors & Actresses by Movie: 'F'
Here's a few fantastic famous actors.
10 Actors, 3 Decades IV
Three decades of acting sounds like a nice, long career. Then you realize Clint Eastwood has been at it for seven.
10 Actors, 3 Decades III
We're glad this is a quiz because it's the worst attempt at time lapse photography we've ever seen.
More Last Names in Movies?
Because these people weren't famous enough, they got a movie named after them too.
Quick Pick: Entertaining M M's
Pick the entertainers with the initials 'MM'.
Clickable Movie Character Groups
Someone has to corral these characters together.
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