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Pick the Robin Williams Movie
O Captain! My Captain!
Matt Who?
Don't worry, nobody's asking you to spell McConaughey in this quiz.
Actors by Same First Letter Movies
Some actors prefer keeping their alphabets simple.
10 to 1 Movie Countdown
There's so much violence in movie quizzes these days.
Missing Word: TV BA - BZ
Name the last word of these TV shows (BA-BZ).
Missing Word: TV AA - AZ
Name the last word of these TV shows (AA-AY).
Vampire Diaries Characters
Mystic Falls really sounds like a nice place...except for all the vampires, witches, and werewolves.
Last Names in Movies?
As a child, it was always scary to be called by your full name, but this quiz makes it downright pleasant.
We can hear this quiz and it is glorious.
Iron Man Bunker
Can you guess the answers correctly to the progressively harder questions in order to get to sector 15 of this Iron Man bunker? (answer with the letter options given, not the full answer.)
Missing Word: TV JA - JZ
Name the last word of these TV shows (JA-JZ).
Clickable Movie Character Groups
Someone has to corral these characters together.
Grey's Anatomy Characters
I'm not a doctor, but I play one on Sporcle.
10 to 1 Movie Title Builder
Popcorn not included.
⚔ Game of Thrones at the Beach 🌴
Name the GOT characters these actors play when they're not having fun at the beach in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
A Century of Film: Top 300 Grossing Actors
We said top grossing actors, not top gross actors. That would be a completely different list.
Actor Movie Chain: 1990s
Extra credit if you find the weakest link.
First Names in Movies?
But can these first names actually act?
Counting Entertainment Groups
How fast can you count?
3 in 1: Actors morphed together I
Can you identify the 18 actors morphed together in triples each representing a movie starring the three?
Celebrity by Animated Character
Name the celebrity when given an image of a animated character they voiced.
5 by 5 Movies by Actor
If you were stuck on a deserted island, you'd also be that excited about fire.
Top 10 Box Office Stars (2000s)
To get ahead at the box office, it helps to be a little crazy.
Get The Picture: Anyone Can Quantum
Pick the correct star of the short film 'Anyone Can Quantum' for each fact: Paul Rudd or Stephen Hawking.
MCU Sorting Gallery
Can you put the terms in the correct group in this MCU-themed sorting gallery?
Missing Word: TV KA - KZ
Name the last word of these TV shows (KA-KZ).
Actor By Action Role
We love action movies for the car chases, explosions, and sometimes questionable acting performances.
30 in 60: Male Movie Leads
You'll have to move fast, very fast, to get all these actors in the right spot.
MCU Villain Match
Match the MCU villain to their actor.
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