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One Actor, Multiple Characters
Play the quiz, and then read the first comment.
Voice Acting Picture Click II
That'll do Donkey, that'll do.
Directed to Oscar Greatness!
Some directors love to take all the credit.
Actor vs Actor's Other Movie Character
Let's get ready to rumble!!!
Top Billed Actors On IMDb VI
These were the money makers for these money makers.
Unoriginal Movies
Quit copying me!
Harry Potter Mis-Matches
'Ralph Voldemort' doesn't sound quite as sinister.
Oscar Leading Actor-Character Trap
I hope they got the name right on the statue.
5-Star Box Office Actors II
We think these actors deserve more than 5 stars.
Born in the USA? II
Are you thinking of playing this quiz? JUST DO IT!
One-Word Movies by Actor II
These film titles decided to go one-and-done.
Honorary Oscar Recipients
If we handed out 'Sporcle Globe' awards, what would the categories be?
5-Star Best Picture Winners
A Best Picture quiz? Are you not entertained?
Actors' Best Known Movies
It's important to remember that 'best known' does not necessarily mean 'best'.
The Daily Show Correspondents
It's remarkable how many of these correspondents have ended up with their own show.
TV's Funniest Men Slideshow
Getting an Emmy in Comedy must be loads of fun!
What's That Actor's Greatest Film?
We can't wait to read the comments on this quiz.
Not My Movie Chain III
Will Smith is watching you watch Will Smith movies.
3-D Famous Names
No special glasses needed.
Movie Anagrams II
Look at it a different way.
Famous Horror Character/Actor Match
Who's behind the mask?
Who Was Top Billed? II
Careful, the top-billed actor isn't always the most well known name.
The Struggle is Real - Oscars
Yeah they may have struggled, but an Oscar makes it worth it.
Golden Globe and Emmy: Comedy Actors
Because you just can't get enough awards!
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