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Can you name the films written or produced by David Mamet?

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plot lineFilm title
a hard drinking lawyer takes on a malpractice suit
Based on his play 'Sexual Perversity in Chicago'
a psychiatrist is drawn into a con game
a shoe shine man agrees to take the fall for a mob murder
escaped cons posing as priests
Jewish Cop rediscovers his roots the hard way
real estate sales contest
professor accused of sexual harrassment by student
based on Uncle Vanya by Chekhov
thieves plot the heist of a second hand store
plot lineFilm title
spin doctor creates a fake war to distract voters
an invention is stolen
a film shoot in Alaska goes wrong
crooks fight over a haul on the riviera
son of a banker is accused of theft at an exclusive school
a cook works on a Great Lakes cargo ship
a film production crew invades small town Vermont
professional thieves hit Montreal
covert ops unit seeks missing daughter of US prez
Businessman leaves wife and ends up at cathouse

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