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Forced Order
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First WordsCharacter
[At Quidditch campsite] Look!
Which of you conjured it?
[Simultaneously] Hi Harry
Harry...Harry! Are you alright?
Let go. Sweetheart you're ready
Bloody hell!
Hermione - bad dream - when did you get here?
...It's a portkey
How fastidious you've become, Wormtail
You saved her, even though she wasn't yours to save
That's not just any mankie old boot, mate...
Bloody kids
Father and I are in the Minister's box...
Parcel for you, Mr Weasley
You have no business here. This tent is for champions and friends
This can't go on Albus...
Haven't the foggiest - keep up!
Th-There's the, um, the Cruciatus Curse...
Arthur! It's about time son.
First WordsCharacter
Well put it this way, if it rains you'll be the first to know
Stupid ceiling
Harry, I couldn't risk sending Hedwig...
Anything from the trolly dears?
Harry, when the connection is broken you must get to the portkey
Stand still, stand still!
Oh, no, no, no, my Lord Voldemort
Good evening. As minister for magic...
Ow! You idiot!
Blimey, that's one big woman.
Yes sir...This way
Clear on the runway!
I will not disappoint you, my lord
Two pumpkin pasties please
Headmaster, I too find it difficult to believer this mere coincidence...
I'd try putting it in the water if I were you
Professor Dumblydorre, my 'orses have traveled a long way...
What a charismatic quartet
Well now we're all settled in and sorted...

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