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Can you name who said the following first words from HP DH1 (Films)?

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Forced Order
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First WordsCharacter
Hey, losers. He isn't here
What's that? What's that smell?
Severus, Severus, please. We're friends.
Hello, Harry. [Name]
Come on, Dudley, hurry up
Mary? Who's that?
To rip your soul into seven pieces...
He was never always this handsome-
[Name] has been watching
Ah, Mafalda. Travers sent you, did he?
I've heard differently, my Lord
We the last back? Where's George?
Yeah he's absolutely gorgeous. What say we get undercover before someone murders him
One hears many things, my Lord, whether the truth is among them is not clear
Gnome saliva is very beneficial
I don't know...When I was last in your vault the sword was there
Yes, m-my Lord. Right away, my Lord
Hello, Tom. I knew you would come one day
Ahem. Technically, I've been coerced.
Ron and Tonks should've already been back. Dad and Fred as well
You are more important
Alright, wow! Hello...Kingsley I thought you were looking after the Prime Minister
It was stolen from me...It was a boy. It was he who took it
First WordsCharacter
Mr Potter. By all means. Here.
My Lord?
Just remember, Fleur, Bill takes his steaks on the raw side now
Coming, mom
Ahem. My Lord, I'd like to volunteer myself for this task
-Dead ugly
Hello, Harry. I've interrupted a deep thought haven't I?
Hermione, tea's ready darling
Never done that before, have we?
I still don't understand why we have to leave
It will happen Saturday next, at nightfall
This is beyond anything I imagined...
Hello, Harry!...You're looking fit
Don't despair, Elphias. I'm told he's been thoroughly unriddled by Rita Skeeter
I believed another wand...I believed a different wand would work, I swear
My husband, the joker. By the way, wait till you hear the news. Remus and I-
Harry Potter, so long it's been
You're still beautiful to me, William
Severus, I was beginning to worry you had lost your way
Ron, tell your father supper's nearly ready
These are dark times, there is no denying.
My father will hear about this

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