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Can you name who these last words belong to in the Harry Potter COS (Film)?

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Forced Order
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Last WordsCharacter
Congratulations, I can't believe you solved it...Thanks
We'll leave you to deal with the monster, Gilderoy - your skills, after all, are legendary...Ginny Weasley
Harry, you're hurt
After you dear
...I would, uh, I'd still be you-know-where, so I-I'd just like to say thanks
There's no Hogwarts without you, Hagrid
Wow! Can you turn him around, Harry?
Mind your attitude, Malfoy
Right, on we go - plenty of pots to go around. Grasp your mandrake firmly, and pull it straight up
Oh, Harry, if you die down there you're welcome to share my toilet
And not to mention they're dead scared that Harry'll petrify them if they fly anywhere near him
What are you doing? Stop - no!
What are you playing at?
Cornish Pixies? Haha hahahaha
And also in light of recent events, as a school treat, all exams have been cancelled
Harry, it's Hermione!
This lot won't come cheap, mum, spell books alone are very expensive
You can't cancel Quidditch
Last WordsCharacter
Caught in the act. I'll have you out this time, Potter, mark my words
Hermione! Welcome back
What is it?
Come, Hagrid...good boy
How can Dobby ever repay him?...Anything, Sir
Oh no, boy, you and that bloody pigeon aren't going anywhere
Goodbye, friend of Hagrid
Gift from Draco's father
Hey, where are you going?
Mark my words, Potter, one day soon you will meet the same sticky end
Oh and Ginny dear, congratulations on making Gryffindor - your father and I are so proud
er-erm-well welcome back, Hermione
Weren't you saying just last night that you've known all along where the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets is?
Ron, is that your owl?
Amazing! This is just like magic!
Harry Potter has caught the snitch - Gryffindor wins!
Dad what's going on?
Who is it that the monster's taken, Minerva?

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