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Harrison Ford1977
Sean Connery1962
Marlon Brando1953
Bill Murray1984
Harrison Ford1981
Uma Thurman2003
Heath Ledger2008
Clint Eastwood1964
Eddie Murphy1984
Humphrey Bogart1942
Kevin Spacey1995
Samuel L. Jackson1994
Sigourney Weaver1979
Matthew Broderick1986
Clark Gable1939
Eli Wallach1966
Patrick Swayze1991
Richard Roundtree1971
Paul Newman1969
Robert Redford1969
Paul Newman1967
Pam Grier1973
Jeff Bridges1998
David Carradine2003
Al Pacino1972
Javier Bardem2007
Uma Thurman1994
Kurt Russell1981
Christoph Waltz2012
Ving Rhames1994
Clint Eastwood1971
Steve McQueen1968
Noomi Rapace2009
Robert Downey, Jr.2008
Jamie Foxx2012
Vivien Leigh1939
Christian Slater1990
John Travolta1994
Michael Madsen1992
Linda Hamilton1984
David Prowse1977
Pam Grier1997
Brad Pitt1999
Johnny Depp2003
Harvey Keitel1994
Carrie-Anne Moss1999
Bruce Willis1988
Al Pacino1983
Audrey Hepburn1961
Tom Hiddleston2011

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