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How severe is your podrot?

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Matt's record-breaking fruit (almost)
The show's beloved goldfish RIP
Russell's 'icey-cold' karaoke partner
Which animal does McKenna slander?
How many pizzas can Noel eat in an hour?
What happens if you cry near Matt?
Russell's sexy surf instructor
Matt's crazy cab driver
How many swimming pools does Noel have?
What was David Icke's football position?
Zippy likes boys, girls and...?
What was living in Matt's wall?
The show's favourite gay bath-house
What was the name of Trev's dragon?
Russell's childhood dog
Matt's super-deadly martial art
What did Russell start stockpiling?
Where did the boys take a nude jacuzzi?
The name of Trev's band
What happened on Matt's first night in LA?
Russell's paradise hotel in Hawaii
What did Trev uncover as a front for MI5?
What animals killed a bird in front of Matt?
What alcohol does Russ drink in America?
Russell's favourite porn franchise
Which part of Trev's body gets painted?
What meal did Matt try to invent?
Where did the boys meet Mr Gay UK?
Scandinavian troll theme park
Which birds did Trev 'show mercy' to?
Matt's first, unrine-soaked profession
What is Russ' specific taste in jeans?
What was the name of the breeding Irish dog?
Matt once snapped this in sexual frustration
What was Matt's band called?
Which website banned Trev?
Who has got the Crocodile Ass?
This cat could predict death
Who sponsered the Conker World Finals?
Russ' character in the Murder Mystery
What is Jeff Capes' secret terror?
Who scares Jeremy Vine's child?
Which guest gets 'conjugal'
What trait did the raped London pig have?
What law did the show mark in 2007
What does Ryan invent to make babies 'specialer'
Where did the boys hide in a chalk tunnel?
The name of Matt's bicycle
Where did Matt go as an exchange student?
What did Matt call his scary dinner lady?
The name of the boy's ice cream van
Where was fruit once hidden in Matt's clothes?
What would Russ NOT do with an ISDN cable?
Trev used to smoke this before gigs
What is in Ronnie Wood's walk-in fridge?
Who first pin-pinned Matt?
People here are just 'fighting in the streets'
Which song welcomes Russ home from Hawaii?
What did Karl report being stolen to the police?
At which sport did Trev excel in his youth?
In which country did Cindy the dolphin marry?
How did the Mayor of Blackpool arrive?
What did Russ tell Dita Von Tease he'd invented
New Iteam: Matt Says [....] Twice
Where did Matt fire lots of guns?
Why are many of 'Matt's heroes' in prison?
From which country is Russell banned?
Matt's mother was in which profession?
The name of the boys' pigeon friend
Which band's children wore ear-defenders?
The breed of dog that molested Matt
Which movie villain was on Matt's wall?
Who did Dale Winton say he fancied?
What injured Russ' PA Lynn?
Mr. Nibbs polishes these in his bedsit
What do the boys' describe as 'Top Gear Blue'?
Which popstar needs baby name ideas?
Where was the world's Most Headed Man born?
Why does Matt use Russ' black toilet paper?
Which actor seems to be obsessed with dogs?
The name of Blackpool's traditional comic
What did Russ panic buy as Christmas gifts?
Who is on the t-shirt Matt gives to Noel?
Who covered Beyonce at the Celeb Karaoke?
Russell went here to 'greet the fairies'
What was Matt given by the doctor in America?
The boys caught this fish on the Nintendo Wii
Where did Matt sleep for Lady Di's funeral?
What was the desk made of in Manchester?
Which Beck song featured in a Sonic Enigma?
Shaun Ryder would make love to this vegetable
The magazine reminds Matt of Noel & Sarah
From which play does Russ try to speed-talk?
What did Matt get caught smuggling?
Russ once had to do P.E. in these
What was Russ' nickname in rehab?
What ship did a young Matt want to visit?
Trev says you can make explosive wine from this
What was Russ' first play based on?
Who was rude to Matt as an intern?

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