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Can you name the Characters in Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra?

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Part of the triumvirate that rule jointly over Rome, the play begins with him removing to Egypt
Wields physical and emotional power over Antony; overdramatic ruler of Egypt
Part of the ruling triumvirate, recognizes Antony's weakness and tries to take his power
Part of the ruling triumvirate, attempts to keep peace but is eventually jailed by Caesar for treason
Legitimate threat to the triumvirate
Devoted lieutenant to Antony but deserts to Octavius and later regrets it
Antony's wife and Caesar's sister
One of Cleopatra's serving women,
One of Cleopatra's serving women,
Antony's attendant, charged with killing him but instead, out of love for Antony, kills himself
Cleopatra's financier who betrays her (whether or not this was planned, the world may never know)
Brings Cleopatra a basket of figs that also contain her deadly asps

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