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Can you name the ways certain ancient places are civilizations?

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Paleolithic government
Paleolithic art
Paleolithic writing
Paleolithic religion
Paleolithic class devision
Paleolithic cities
Neolithic government
Neolithic art
Neolithic writing
Neolithic religion
Neolithic class devision
Neolithic cities
Mesopotamian government
Mesopotamian art
Masopotamian writing
Mesopotamian religion
Mesopotamian class devision
Mesopotamian cities
Egyptian government
Egyptian art
Egyptian writing
Egyptian religion
Egyptian class devision
Egyptian cities
Greek government
Greek art
Greek writing
Greek religion
Greek class devision
Greek cities
Roman government
Roman art
Roman writing
Roman religion
Roman class devision
Roman cities
Judaism government
Judaism art
Judaism writing
Judaism religion
Judaism class devision
Judaism cities
Christianity government
Christianity art
Christianity writing
Christianity religion
Christianity class devision
Christianity cities
Islam government
Islam art
Islam writing
Islam religion
Islam class devision
Islam cities
Middle ages government
Middle ages art
Middle ages writing
Middle ages religion
Middle ages class devision
Middle ages cities
Chinese government
Chinese art
Chinese writing
Chinese religion
Chinese class devision
Chinese cities
Renaissance government
Renaissance art
Renaissance writing
Renaissance religion
Renaissance class devision
Renaissance cities
Indian government
Indian art
Indian writing
Indian religion
Indian class devision
Indian cities
African government
African art
African writing
African religion
African class devision
African cities

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