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'Father of New France'
Most diverse colonies
invented grandparents
1607 settlement
Author of common Sense
aka Tories
French officer in the American Revolution
almost-worthless printed paper money
Officer who passed the Intolerable acts
leader of Comittees of Correspondence
martyr at Boston Massacre
'buckskin' colonial fighter groups
'Great Commoner'
Famous Cartoon by Benjamin Franklin featuring a snake
Fort at present-day Pittsburgh
New France's lucrative business
French fur trappers
Two leaders of the Great Awakening
restless, stubborn American settlers
1676 revolt against Governor Berkeley
In this area, settlers' life expectancy went down ten years
Woman banished from Massachusetts for Antinomianism
'Father Wooden Leg'
Leader of Dominion fo New England
abode of up to hundreds of Native Americans
the buffer colony
'Virgin Queen' of England
Lake that evolved into present-day Great Salt Lake
Settlement in present-day ST. Louis
controversial travelor who supposedly traveled to China
Bonus: Order these: Great Awakening, Bacon's Rebellion, Protestant Reformation, Edict of Nantes

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