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How to PlayMinefield
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Most Successfull Tackles128
Most Key Passes Per Game3.1
Most Assists per 90 mins (min 5 apps)0.7
Most Through Balls Per Game0.6
Most Unsuccessful Aerial Duels242
Highest Pass Accuracy 91.3%
Most Fouls74
Most Assists in the 2nd Half 8
Most Assists18
Least Saves per 90 min (min 10 apps)2
Most Fouled113
Most Goals per 90 mins (min 5 apps)1
Most Interceptions119
Most Successfull Aerial Duels188
Most Goals Outside the Area6
Most Unsuccessful Touches per 90 mins (min 5 apps)5.4
Dispossessed Most Times116
Lowest Pass Accuracy from an Outfield Player55.7%
Most Yellow Cards14
Most Shots per 90 (min 5 apps)8.2
Most Long Balls Per Game from an Outfield Player5.9
Most Shots Inside the 6 Yard Box15
Most Saves137
Most Assists from Corners8
Most Clearnaces437
Lowest Rated Player ( 6.21
Most Goals26

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