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Use the local linear approximation of f(x) to find 1.1^(1|2) to 4 decimal places.
Differentiate the given function f(x)=(-5)|(2x^8).
Find all critical numbers for the function f(x)=(9-x^2)^(3|5). (From least to greatest and no commas)
Use the local linear approximation of f(x) to find 9.2^(1|2) to 3 decimal places.
The horizontal asymptotes of f(x)=(6x+1)|((4x^2+6x+9)^(1|2)) are ___ and ___.
If f’(x) > 0 for every x in (a,b) then f is ___.
Find the derivative of f(x)=(sinx)(sinx+cosx) in its simplest form. (No parentheses or spaces)
Use the local linear approximation of f(x) to find 65^(1|3) to 4 decimal places
Let f ’’(x)=3x+4 and let f(x) have critical numbers at -2, 0, 2. Use the Second Derivative Test to determine which, if any, of the critical numbers gives a relative maximum
Evaluate the limit as x approaches negative infinity of (9x^2-1)^(1/2)/x
Evaluate the limit as x approaches infinity of (14x^4+13x^2-43)/(7x^4+3x+12)
The graph of f(x)=(x)/(x+3) is concave upward on the interval____ to ____.
Find x value(s) at point(s) of inflection for f(x)=x^3-12x^2
Mean Value Theorem does not apply to function f(x)=(3x+2)/(x-3) on the interval [-5, 5] because f(x) is not_____ at x=3.
What is the x value for the relative minimum for the function f(x)=(x+1)^2(x+3)?
What do you call a third derivative? A ____!

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