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What was the first word spoken on the show?1
How many times did Ross and Rachel do it while dating?5
What was Barry's surname the first time it was ever mentioned?1
Spell Janine's last name6
What was the name Monica had picked for her son when she was a teenager?8
What language did Phoebe not realize she spoke?5
What are Carol's parents' names?2
What was the only class the Ross didn't get As in when in school?7
What is Joey's chair's name?7
In 'The One That Could've Been, pt 1,' Rachel mistakes Ross's name for this6
What was Russ's field of expertise?2
Name either of the elements Ross and Russ argue over doing the crossword with Chandler2
What name does Charlie call her ex, played by Greg Kinnear?9
The name of Phoebe's friend who comes to her double date with Joey and Mike9
The name of the Lincoln High alumnus who works for Animal Control1
What does 'cheese' in Mac & C.H.E.E.S.E. stand for?7
Monica gets drunk under the pseudonym 'Monanna' and kisses someone who holds one of these two professions1
When had Ross and Will last seen each other?8
What flies in the window of Monica's apartment when Rachel is on the phone with her mom, assuring her she's in a safe neighborhood?2
Who was the third member of the 'I Hate Rachel Green Club'?8
For Phoebe, a roommate who is fine with satanism is not a deal breaker, but this is...6
What was the thing that Chandler wanted that got him called Toby by a fellow office employee?8
How many times does Phoebe say please to the Waltham's housekeeper when she calls back a second time and attempts to be polite?4
Name one of the rooms in Phoebe's dollhouse3
What is the one thing that Rachel's mom didn't tell her three old friends about her job at Central Perk1
What did Joey cite as the reason he didn't pee on Monica after the jellyfish sting?4
How many tacos did Ross eat before getting food poisoning on space mountain?7
How fast was Ross driving the Porsche when he got a ticket for going too slow?7
What do the candy hearts that Janice buys for Chandler say on them?1
What was the last word spoken on the show?10
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