Harry Potter List of Spells

Can you name the Harry Potter List of Spells? WARNING: Very Hard: When I say every spell, I mean, EVERY SPELL.

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Formal NameIncantationHints
Summoning CharmSummons the target to the caster
Water-Making SpellShoots a stream of water
Lifting SpellUsed only once by Gilderoy Lockhart
Unlocking SpellUsed to open locked doors.
Windpipe-Clearing SpellBelby choked on a pheasent
Hair-Into-Antlers SpellPansy Parkinson's hair is gone!
Revealing CharmInvisible Ink?
Water-Creating CharmIsn't this Aguamenti...?
Spider-Repulsing CharmOnly in theaters
Stopping SpellHarry, the boy who almost died
Elevating SpellTriwizard Tournament
The Killing CurseIf you don't know this, you shouldn't be doing this quiz.
Bird-Conjuring CharmLav-Lav is waiting.
Exploding SpellSirius; don't ask questions. Go!
Maximized Explosion SpellAha! We've caught Potter!
Bone-Mending Spell....?Fleshy flabs.
Hair-Loss CurseRead the book within the game
Singing SpellWiseacre's Wizarding Equipment
Seize And Pull CharmHarry & Ron; The Power of Teamwork
Opening Charm'I don't think you meant for it to kill anybody, Rubeus...'
Locking Spell'Get Potter and the prophecy!'
Stickfast HexSnape, Snape, Severus Snape, DUMBLEDORE!
Color-Changing CharmChameleon?
Blasting Curse'The last Horcrux, Hermione! Get the last Horcrux!'
Confundus Charm'...and he looked like he was Confunded; sitting right in front of you, too...'
The Cruciatus Curse'Frank and Alice Longbottom.'
Curse of the BogiesVideo-Game Voldemort Face
Gouging Spell'...I think they just MIGHT have noticed we broke into Gringotts.'
Eradication Spell'...YOU DID IT, ELF!'
Tooth-Growing Spell'...I see no difference.'
Banishing SpellBegone at this word.
Descension Spell'Nah, he's just eaten.'
Pressuring Charm'There's someone definately up there, alright.'
Severing Charm'The First Task's Dragons.'
Shrinking CharmNigel Wolpert
Charm of Escape'...There was a little speech bubble that read...'
Hardening CharmSolid stone...
Bird-Transforming CharmIn Video Games only
Dragon-Transforming CharmA Dragon version? Really?
Duck-Transforming CharmA Duck.....
Formal NameIncantationHints
Inflation-Explosion SpellA bubble- oh!
Engorgement CharmVery nice pumpkins you have there.
Healing SpellThanks a lot, Loony.
Tent-Setting CharmTee-hee; Penis Joke!
Vanishing SpellInto non-being, which is, to say, everything.
The Patronus CharmA Corporeal Patronus?
Disarming Charm'I hardly think the DISARMING CHARM is going to help us against You-Know-Who, do you?'
Explosion Charm'The world had ended; so why had the battle not stopped?'
Bandaging Spell'Lupin's a WHAT?'
Fidelius CharmThe Secret-Keeper is dead.
Cursed FlamesIt's one of the only substances that can destroy Horcruxes;
General Counter-SpellSilence!
Flagrante Curse'I am Lord Voldemort'
Knockback JinxDAtDA
Smokescreen SpellThe Dark Forces: A Guide To Self-Protection
Pimple Jinx'Malfoy, take Goyle to the Hospital Wing.'
Replication Curse'They've been cursed with Replication and Flagrante curses!'
Freezing SpellSolid..Ice...
Stair-Flattening Jinx'Ooh, who tried to get into the girls' dormitories?'
Vanishing-Cabinet-Fixing Jinx'...Whooping with joy...'
Flowers-Sprouting SpellPLANTS?
Herbical CharmGrowing....growing...
Human Presence Revealing Charm'There's somebody up there alright.'
Text-messing Spell
Freezing CharmNot the Ice kind. The just, stun kind.
Impediment JinxOh come on, its not that hard.
Imperius Curse'I WON'T!'
Water-Repelling Spell'I can't see in this rain!'
Rope-Binding Curse
Fire-Making Curse
Inflation Charm
Jelly-Legs CurseThis spell is way too silly.
Tongue-Tying JinxLocking the Language
Rabbit-Conjuring SpellI give up. Rabbits.
Legimilency SpellDo not lie to me, Potter.
Body-Lifting Jinx (nvbl.)I am the Half-Blood Prince!
Body-Lifting Counter-Jinx
Locomotion Jinx
Wand-Lighting Charm
Pumpkin-Head Hex.....Melons, really...
Formal NameIncantationHints
Tongue-Tying Curse
Dark Mark-Summoning Curse'IT WAS YOU, ELF!'
Muffling JinxHermione did not approve of the spell;
Wand-Extinguishing Charm
Memory Charm'If there's one thing I pride myself on, it's my Memory Charms.'
Blindfold JinxPhineas Nigellus.
Direct Attack-Jinx
Flower-Summoning SpellThe Weighing of the Wands
Full Body-Bind Curse'I'm sorry, Neville.'
Hogwarts' Defense System'I've always wanted to use that spell'
Four-Point Spell'Maze.' Grunted Krum.
Portkey-Making Spell
Echo-Creating Memory-Spell Spell
Shield Charm'You-Total-Arse-Ronald-Weasley!'
Quietening Charm
Shrinking Charm
Reductor Curse
Revulsion Jinx
Reviving Spell
Mending Charm'Reparing trophies all day.'
Muggle-Repelling Charm
Tickling Charm
Boggart-Banishing Spell'Wait, you're a boggart!'
Scouring Charm
Seperating Curse'...was always a favorite of Severus'...'
Snake Summons Spell
Slug Vomiting CharmEat Slugs, Malfoy!
Amplifying Charm
Scarpin's RevelaspellThis book is the property of the Half-Blood Prince.
Softening Charm
Stunning Spell
Dancing Feet Spell
Liquid-Siphoning Spell
Tickling Hex
Venting Curse
Serpent-Vanishing Spell
Wound-Healing Spell
Levitation Charm
Launching JinxThe gum shot up Peeves' nose

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