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Can you name the tools from Red Faction: Guerilla?

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Basic weapon, it doesn't need any ammo and very useful for taking down that last bit of the structure.Red Faction
Basic explosive weapons with you at the start of the gameRed Faction
Uses electricity, good for taking out many EDF on ground & EDF in vehiclesRed Faction
Mines that are used to set traps and explode when movement is detectedRed Faction
Gun used to take out single enemies quickly (and efficiently)Red Faction
Arguably the best weapon in the game, it uses NANITES (big hint) to disintegrate targetsRed Faction
Probably the best weapon in the game, perhaps not the best weapon to use in close quartersRed Faction
It's so much fun to hum the James Bond theme using thisRed Faction
Crates of ammo. Guess what it's called then. Red Faction
Launches explosive projectiles, good against aircraft with the heat seeking upgrade...thing...Red Faction
Basic machine gun, another early weapon in the gameEDF
Gun, it's good for headshots but very weakEDF
Shotgun, yet another early weapon in the gameEDF
Gun that's very underrated (I think) that homes in on enemies...kind ofEDF
Scoped weapon...need I say more?EDF
Good weapon used for taking down vehicles (and yet it it's a rifle!)EDF
The EDF's version of a remote charge...but much better!EDF
Weapon used to gut enemies open. Very useful for psychopaths.Marauder
Shotgun type weapon that is very powerfulMarauder

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