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Okay! The big boy is gonna wash himself! (1993)
We are your friends. We're here to watch you, we are here to protect *you*. (2008)
I don't know about you, but I intend to write a strongly worded letter to the White Star Line about all of this. (1997)
In America, it's bling bling. But out here it's bling bang. (2006)
He that hath the steerage of my course, direct my sail! (1996)
We are duly appointed Federal Marshals. (2010)
Most of the time I just keep to myself. I think like what it would be like to be... someone else. (1996)
If you get all of us together, we ain't got a gang, we've got an army. (2002)
Frank, how many of these guys have been with you long enough to be disgruntled, huh? (2006)
I still believe in paradise. But now at least I know it's not some place you can look for. (2000)

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