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What instrument does Ted steal for Robin?
What is the name of the gang's go-to bar?
What is Ted's profession?
Nothing good happens after.......
What is Barney's most frequent attire?
What is the name of the bar Ted and Barney create in the apartment?
What is the name of Marshall and Lily's first child?
How do Marshall and Lily meet?
What middle name does Barney pick for Marshall and Lily's first child?
What tattoo does Ted get by mistake?
What is the mom's name?
What actor is the narrator of the show?
What animal is on the tie Barney must wear after he loses a bet to Marshall?
What was Robin Sparkles first big hit?
What state is Marshall from?
What color are Ted's cowboy boots?
What is Lily's occupation?
What food do Ted and Marshall travel across the country to eat?
What is the name of the college that Ted, Marshall, and Lily all attend?
What is Ted's go-to costume on Halloween?
Ted meets a girl named Naomi at a Halloween Party, but she is better known by her provocative costume and becomes this nickname.
What class does Ted teach by mistake?
What was the name of the creature living in Marshall and Lily's apartment?
What does GNB stand for?
Victoria gets an invitation to a culinary institute in what country?
When Lily and Marshall break up, what city does Lily move to?
What actor plays James, Barney's gay brother?
Barney believes his father to be this TV personality.
What is the name of the man that Ted's mother marries in Season 5?
What was the occupation of the first fake Barney doppleganger?
What type of lawyer does Marshall want to be?
What state does Stella live in? (Ted hates it)
Other than Marshall, who is also obsessed with finding the best burger in New York?
What list did Ted create of things he says the gang is too old to do?
From the list in the answer above, what is the first thing Barney completes?
Marshall claims to be mugged by what animal?
In what city does Ted finally met the mother?
What does Barney always say when someone asks what he does for a living?
What instrument does the mother play?
What is the first drink Ted's future wife buys for him before they have met?
What is the name of Stella's secretary, played by Britney Spears?
What is Ted's alias for his college radio show?
On what holiday does Ted first obtain the yellow umbrella?
In season 1, when Robin invites Barney up to her apartment, what board game does Robin suggest they play?
What nickname does Barney get from a coffee cup?
What is Robin's sister's name?
What word does Robin say when she attempts to say 'I love you' for the first time to Ted?
What is the name of the device Ted creates so he doesn't see or hear anything about the Super Bowl?
What was the mother's boyfriend's name who died?
According to Emmitt Smith, in Season 2, what is more important than football?
Other than Robin Sparkles, what was the other name she called herself as a Canadian Pop Star?
What tactic to sleep with your date has been proven to work 2 out of 3 times?
What is the name of the movie about Ted and Stella's relationship?
What New York Yankee almost ruined Barney's perfect week?
What is Marshall's basketball nickname?
What alias does Barney use when he signs up for Love Solutions?
What was Zoey's last name?
What movie do Lily and Marshall watch together every Valentine's Day?
The marching band that greets Lily at the airport was from what school?
What is Lily and Marshall's daughter's name?
What is Robin's favorite hockey team?
What sporting event do the gang attend when they are introduced to Ted's doppleganger?
What is Robin's 'something old?'
What girlfriend of Ted's did Lily and Marshall hate?
What is the name of the architecture firm that Ted starts?
What is the term Barney uses when he loses his mojo and can't talk to women?
What is the nickname of Marshall's boss at GNB?
What is the Swedish architecture group that competes with Ted for business?
What was the nickname given to the jinxed college friend who had the catch phrase 'aww man'?
What is the theory Barney has where he claims that no matter how much a man finds a woman unatractive, he will eventually see her as beautiful?
Katy Perry makes an appearance in Season 6 as Zoey's cousin, what is her character's name?
What does Barney call the day before Valentine's Day?
What monument do Ted and Barney lick?
In Season 2, Robin returns to the US with a boyfriend named Gael, what country is he from?
Ted is telling the story of how he met his children's mother throughout the entire series. What year is it when Ted tells the story?

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