Sondheim Musicals by Clever Lyrics

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Can you name the Sondheim musicals by the clever lyrics ?

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I sort of hate to ask it, but do you have a basket?
Pantaloons and tunics! Courtesans and eunuchs!
Though I know my plan had merit/ it's been slow in execution/ if there's one thing you inherit/ it's your father's constitution
Said this bum'll be Beau Brummel
If we are crude, please/ don't come unglued, please/ Let's not be too straight-laced/ The author's reputation wasn't based/ on taste
If a person's personality is personable/ he shouldn't oughta sit like a lump/ It's harder than a matador coercin' a bull/ to try to get you off of your rump
Lining up a prominent commission/ and an exhibition in addition/ Here a little dab of politician/ till you have a balanced composition
It's fop, finest in the shop/ Then we have some Shepherd's Pie peppered with actual shepherd on top
In the depths of her interior/ were fears she was inferior/ and something even eerier/ but no one dared to query her superior exterior
And Stendhal would ruin the plan of attack/As there isn't much blue in 'The Red and the Black'

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