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What fruit is referenced the most in Psych?
What is Gus's full name?
Who does Shawn have a irrational fear of?
Where does Gus work?
What actor plays Shawn?
Which two characters have always known Shawn isn't psychic?
What is Shawn's IQ?
What did Shawn get when he took the detective's exam?
How old was he when he took it?
Gus is 1/4th what?
Who is Gus often mistaken for?
What magazine does Gus have a subscription to?
What is Gus's ex-wife's name?
What is Lassiter's wife's name?
What nickname was given to Lassiter by a newspaper reporter?
What is Lassiter's daughter's name?
What helps Lassiter clear his mind(besides shooting stuff)?
Who is Lassiter's favorite President?
What happened to Lassiter in '1967: A Psych Odyssey'?
Where did Juliet transfer from?
At the end of the series, where is Juliet and what is her position?
What is Juliet's alias when she goes undercover in 'Talk Derby to Me'?
What occupation does Buzz do part time?
What position does Buzz hold at the en of the series?
What is Buzz's stripper name?
What is Chief Vick's daughter's name?
Where was Chief Vick transfered to after being suspended?
What is Chief Vick's sister's name?
What is Woody's full name?
What is the name of the bookstore owner in 'Autopsy Turvy'

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