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Can you name the NHL Player Anagrams: HHOF Edition?

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Brosh K. Bore
Beckar Lobby
Ale Bids
A Cold Ex Vehicle
Jail Sec Marquee
Uh Heck Raw Lead
I Moth Tron
Consent Hym
Brall Bribe
Baury Roque
John Bucky Ny
Calkin's Storm Lids
BPM, Clearance Cell
Ack Jam Sad
Oh Ridge Woe
Z.I. Homeowner
Orr Sats
Camera Rich Ruid
L.B. Aurora
Forge Overside
Hope Toi Soil
Sterile P. Track
Yes Lint Dad
Jar Self Kenk
Enk End Dry
Hob By Bull
Relin Can Mode
Jeans Is Ormer
Fanta Loin Teap
Rent Barne Pie
Go Dig Our Mul
Drain Rhe Rich
Hannah Ran As Bend
Cast Jen Plaque
Mix A Lieu More
Jane Beau Live
Rode Fresh
I Try Rock Pa
Yabber Hoke
Spy Is Toon Toe
Really Trist D.
Rich R. Gen Pros
Boat Leek
Truth Bell
Best Per Forge
Lacking Cyn
Warch Rust Key
Pert Built Rear Leg
Rob By Rob
Kimo And Moe
Ky Get 'Z' New Ray
Marker Is Sem
Boile Tail Curl
Grease Vards
A Kim Ants It

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