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Can you name the NHL Player Anagrams 4?

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Y Let Bro Zak
N Ant Bored Rust
Live Run Chair Kish
RC Bed Rag Loser
Task Risk Tin Duo
Glow In A Core And
Card Risked Bars
Jab Age Ley
Sky Brain On DD Bun
Hall An Any Car
Tame Bet Le Sky
Curt Let Lack Cub
Really in Roy
Fine Ugly Stud Bin
Rilt Rue Sky
Harden Mel R.
Hye Pluck Chair
Bunk Dye Vand
Jar Jam Rigor
O'Turn Sea I Cure
We Try Our Rob
Flip Forge Ribs
Doc Ran Con Mid V
Log Court A Nue
Camera Like Limm
Wash End Raw
Barge Ant Hen
Draw Alex Run Robes
Gun Aud Honey Jar
Try Dough Wed

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