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Can you name the NHL Player Anagrams 3

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Low C. Frame
Vet To Set
Rude Rob Tan Rim
No Bic On Ink
Jill No Share
Route Kryg.
I'd Drive Jack
Styler Nine
Live In Olle
Gross Cut C Rinse
Jam At Stant
Dryer Wick Tap
Ran On Bad Ads
Race Croy For D.W.
In On Hack Tan Mann
Go N' Foil Nick
Jaw Not To Hanes
Ran On Hot Than
Erie Lock
I Rake Then Lon
Frozen Jan Han
Rat At A Most
Video DR Parn
Seal Meh Sky
Do Beau Rhue Than Jan
Risk Severe GT
Jest Art Roll
Jam In Stoner
Needy Hat Lay
R.L. A Seller
Those Jens
Ride My Lacher
Soul Mont ATM
Risk Her Cider
Y Bob Ran By
Caviar Ville En Cent
Erie Kim Boir
Rye Roked
Tim Ran Up Al
Lick Trap Are Mau
Nod Ruin A Jon Hat
Sonny Far Doc
Did Ce Leak
Jams China Ore
Bit Ryan Tell
Safe Line Snnr
Van Did Said Share
Synth Mary
Sail On Rnk Wall
John Year Sann

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