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Can you name the Who killed/maimed who? - ASoIaF?

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The DeedThe PerpetratorExtra Info
Beheaded Ned Stark
Killed Lady
Melted Viserys
Killed Barristan Selmy
Crippled Bran
Killed Mandon Moore
Burned Shireen
Killed Beric Dondarrion
Cut off Theon's manhood
Killed Khal Drogo
Stabbed Tyrion in the face
'Executed' Stannis Baratheon
Killed Qhorin Halfhand
The DeedThe PerpetratorExtra Info
Shot Ygritte
Killed Tommen
Makes an omelette out of Oberyn Martell
Poisoned Jon Arryn
Stabbed Robb Stark in the heart
Poisoned Joffrey 'Baratheon'
Pushed Lysa Tully out of the moon door
Killed Mag the Mighty
Strangled Shae
Chewed off Ramsay's face
Cut off Jaime's hand
Ground down Black Walder
Who held the door?

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