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Coke is the worlds most valuable beverage brand. Who is #2
According to 2 independent studies, does it take more than 350 licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
How many different flavors are found in a pack of original Starburst?
Youngest General in US history?
Which country has the largest Muslim population?
What is the only state whose name is a single syllable?
Top Snack Food Company (by sales)
The word 'posh' comes from traveling in this country
What did 'posh' originaly stand for (acronym)
True or False - LA is West of Lake Tahoe?
Boston is the home of the Red Sox, name the other team that called Boston home.
Davy Crockett was born where ?
The first product (or type) to be scanned using a (UPC) bar code was
The first pair of Nike brand sole's were made using
When it released a new version of the nickel in 2005, the U.S. mint restored the image of what animal to the coin’s backside?
There is only one kind of fruit that has its seeds on the outside. Name it
What was featured in the first TV commercial advertizing a toy?
Statistically, In which season do most burglaries take place?
What is the best-selling brand of vodka in the United States?
What play was Lincoln watching when he was assassinated?

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