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Digestion Starts Here
Breaks up food to increase Surface Area
Glands create saliva which contains
The ball of food that is swallowed is scientifically called
From the mouth it goes through the
The wave like movement of the throat
The food meets a cocktail of juices here
The cocktail juice is called
Juice ingredient 1: turns proteins into amino acid
Juice ingredient 2: is an acid and breaks food further, kills any bacteria in the food
Juice ingredient 3: protects your stomach so it won't digest itself
When your stomach walls come in direct contact with your juice it creates
Is at the beginning of the Small Intestines
Produced by Liver, Stored in gall bladder, Greenish fluid that Emulsifies fat into tiny droplets to increase Surface Area
Produced by Pancreas, neutralises acid coming from stomach
Produced by Intestines, contain enzymes necessary to complete digestion
Store Vitamins, Minerals and Sugar
The end products of digestion are absorbed here by the processes of Diffusion and Active Transport
The walls of the Intestines are covered by
Here absorption of water takes place

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