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Can you name the two-type pokemon?

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typestwo-type pokemona little clue
normal-flying typethis pokemon guides people through dark forests
normal-flying typeash had a shiny one of these
bug-flying typelooks like a ladybird
bug-flying typethis pokemons spots glow at night
bug-poison typein the johto anime misty had this pokemon give her a spa treatment
bug-poison typeon pokemon diamond you can find this pokemon at the resort area at night
poison-flying typebrock had one of these in johto
water-electric typethis pokemon has cross eyes
water-electric typelooks like an angler fish
normal-flying typethe evolved form of mistys cutest pokemon
psychic-flying typethe ancient bird pokemon
psychic-flying typethe only pokemon beginning with an x
grass-flying typejames got sold a fake chimecho and found one of these inside
grass-flying typezorua transformed into one of these to crash team rockets blimp
grass-flying typethey have 3 balls of fluff on their head
bug-flying typejessie caught one of these
water-ground typewhen this pokemon sleeps it buries half of its self
water-ground typecrasher wake has one of these
dark-flying typeash got tricked by a group of these
water-psychic typeuse a kings rock on slowpoke to get one of these
normal-psychic typethis pokemons tail has its owwn brain!
bug-steel typebrock had one of these in hoenn
ground-flying typeash had one of these but it evolved
typestwo-type pokemona little clue
steel-ground typethe evolved form of onix
water-poison typelooks like a puffer fish
bug-steel typeuse a metal coat on scyther to get this pokemon
bug-rock typethis pokemon creates a berry juice in its shell
bug-fighting typeash had one of these
dark-ice typeit feeds on eggs from stolen nests
fire-rock typethe fire snail pokemon
ice-ground typethis pokemon sniffs out hot springs
ice-ground typeyou cant see this pokemons eyes
water-rock typemisty had one of these
ice-flying typethis pokemon delivers things!
water-flying typelooks like a manta ray
steel-flying typeit flies at over 180mph
dark-fire typethis pokemon hunts in packs
dark-fire typeit was beleived that this pokemons calls were the calls of the grim reaper
water-dragon typeclair has one of these
ice-psychic typeit tests stuff with its lips
rock-ground typeash's one of these was very shy
rock-ground typeits body is as hard as bedrock
rock-dark typethis pokemon will do anything to protect its young
psychic-fling typethis pokemon controls the tide
fire-flying typethis pokemon created raikou,suicune and entei
grass-psychic typethis pokemon can travel through time

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