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Can you name the two-type pokemon?

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typestwo-typed pokemona litlle clue
grass-poison typethe first pokemon in the national dex
grass-poison typethe first part of its name is a plant
grass-poison typethe final evolved form of the first pokemon
fire-flying typeash's one of these disobeyed him
bug-flying typeash released his one of these
bug-poison typelooks like a grub
bug-poison typethe cacoon pokemon
bug-poison typethis pokemon often attacks ash and friends in swarms
normal-flying typeone of the first pokemon you catch on leaf green
normal-flying typeash's second caught pokemon
normal-flying typeash realesed one of these to protect against fearow attacks
normal-flying typeash got attacked by a flock of these
normal-flying typethis pokemon often bullys smaller pokemon
poison-ground typethe famale 'nido'
poison-ground typethe male 'nido'
poison-flying typebrock had one of these
poison-flying typeit has a very powerful supersonic attack
grass-poison typemisty tried to catch one of these
grass-poison typethis pokemon emits an aroma from its head
grass-poison typethis pokemon has a huge flower o its head
bug-grass typeon leafgreen you can pick tinymushrooms from this pokemon
bug-grass typeadd 'sect' onto the last pokemon
typestwo-typed pokemona litlle clue
bug-poison typetracey had one of these
bug-poison typesabrinas only non psychic type
water-fighting typethis pokemon has a huge spiral on its belly
grass-poison typethis pokemon has a tower dedicated to it
grass-poison typethis pokemon uses sweet scent
grass-poison typethe pitcher pokemon
water-poison typethe ruby of the sea
water-poison typethe gangster of the sea
rock-ground typebrock had one of these
rock-ground typethis pokemon often rolls
rock-ground typethis pokemon only evolves by trade
water-psychic typethis pokemon is very dumb
water-psychic typethis pokemon evolves when a shellder bites its tail
electric-steel typethe magnet pokemon
electric-steel typethis pokemon was made by a strong magnetic force
normal-flying typethis pokemon is never seen without its celery stick
normal-flying typethis flying type is flightless!
normal-flying typethis pokemon has 3 heads!
water-ice typethis looks like a seal
water-ice typethis pokemons shell can never be opened
ghost-poison typethis pokemon is simply a ball of gas
ghost-poison typethis pokemons arms are fully extendable
typestwo-typed pokemona litlle clue
ghost-poison typethis pokemon cools an area by 10 degreesF
rock-ground typethe longest pokemon in kanto
grass-psychic typelooks like a nest of eggs
grass-psychic typesometimes when this pokemon explodes it turns back to exeggcute
ground-rock typethis pokemon looks like a rhino
ground-rock typethis pokemon has a drill on its head
water-psychic typemistys strongest pokemon
bug-flying typethe mantis pokemon
ice-psychic typesupposed to represent a woman
water-flying typeyou dont want to see this pokemon in a bad mood
water-ice typethis pokemon carried ash around the orange islands
water-rock typean ancient fossil pokemon
water-rock typehas spikes on its shell
water-rock typelooks like a horseshoe crab
water-rock typehas very sharp claws
rock-fling typecomes from an old amber fossil
ice-flying typethe artic legendary bird
electric-flying typethe thunder legendary bird
fire-flying typethe volcano legandary bird
dragon-flying typelances favourite pokemon

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