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QUIZ: Can you name the legendary pokemon?

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type(s)insert the pokemona little clue
ice-flying typefound in seafoam islands in heart gold
electric-flying typefound outside power plant in heart gold
fire-flying typefound in mt.silver in heart gold
psychic typefound in cerulean cave in heart gold
psychic typethe ancestor of all pokemon
electric typefound roaming in heart gold
fire typefound roaming in heart gold
water typefound near cerulean city in heart gold
psychic-flying typefound in whirl islands in heart gold
fire-flying type found on bell tower in heart gold
grass-psychic typefound in ilex forest in heart gold
rock type1 of the 3 'regi's'
ice type1 of the 3 'regi's'
steel type1 of the 3 'regi's'
dragon-psychic typeversion exclusive in heart gold
dragon-psychicversion exclusive in soul silver
water typethe cover of pokemon saphire
ground typethe cover of pokemon ruby
dragon-flying typethe cover of pokemon emerald
psychic-steel typethis pokemon can grant wishes!
psychic typethis pokemon is an alien virus that crashed into earth!
psychic typeone of the lake gardians
psychic typeanother lake gardian
psychic typethe last lake gaurdian
type(s)insert the pokemona little clue
dragon-steel typethe controller of time
dragon-water typethe contoller of space
fire-steel typefound in stark mountain in pokemon diamond
normal typethe ultimate 'regi'
ghost-dragon typefound in turnback cave in pokemon diamond
psychic typefound on fullmoon island in pokemon diamond
water typeno.489 in national dex
water typestarred in the temple of the sea pokemon movie
dark typefound on newmoon island in pokemon diamond
grass (flying) typehas land and sky formes
normal typethe creator of the pokemon universe
steel-fighting typelooks like a deer
rock-fighting typelooks like a dog
grass-fighting typealso looks like a deer
flying typeone of the three cloud pokemon
electric-flying typeanother of the three cloud pokemon
dragon-fire typethe cover of pokemon black
dragon-electric typethe cover of pokemon white
ground-flying typethe last of the cloud pokemon
dragon-ice typecan store powerful cold air onto its wings and tail and breathe with it
water-fighting typelooks like ponyta
normal-psychic typethe melody pokemon
bug-steel typethe only legendary bug type!
fire-psychic typethe victory pokemon

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