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Can you name the Mortal Kombat Kharacter by Occupation?

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Forced Order
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Current StatusKombatantFirst Playable in
Emperor of OutworldBoss in MK2
Fisherman and Champion of Mortal KombatMK1
Arch Sorcerer of OutworldBoss in MK1 Playable in MK2
Thunder GodMK1
Fallen Elder God and Ruler of the NetherrealmMK4
Grandmaster of the New Lin KueiYounger sibling of the one that appears in MK1
Ninja Specture Hellbeant on Revenge MK1
Grandmaster of the TekuninMK3
Apache ShamanMK3
Queen of EdeniaMK3
Prince of the ShokanSub-Boss in MK1
Last Male SaurianSecret Character in MK1, playable in MK2
Arch Sorcerer of the NetherrealmMK4
Cleric of ChaosDeception
Seidan GaurdsmanDeception
Shao Kahns Daughter and Clone of KitanaMK2
Leader of the Black Dragon for most of the SeriesMK1
Princess of EdeniaMK2
leader fo Shao Kahn's Extermination SquadsSub-Boss in MK3
Wind GodMK4
The Dragon KingDeception
Leader of Edenia's Freedom FightersSecret Character in MK2, playable in MK3
Leader of the New Black DragonMK3
Movie ActorMK1
Sword Saint and Blind WarriorDeadly Alliance
Current StatusKombatantFirst Playable in
Last Female CryomancerDeadly Alliance
Demon SlayerDeception
Black Dragon RecruitDeception
Red Dragon FounderArmageddon
General in Majority of the main Villians ArmiesMK4
Traitor to Edenia and the RealmsMK4
Leader of the Tarkatan HoardeMK2
Last Female SaurianTrilogy
Servant of Noob Saibot Secret Character in MK2, first playable in MK3
Edenian Half God on A QuestArmageddon
Seidan Gaurdsman turned MercenaryDeception
Shaolin MonkMK2 or MK4
Leader of the Special Forces/Outerworld Investigation SquadMK2
Important Member of the Red Dragon ClanDeadly Alliance
Trainer of LIu Kang, Kung Lao, and ShujinkoDeadly Alliance
Former Lin Kuei and Special Forces OperativeMK3
Son of Argus, hidden away UMK3
Protector of Sindel when under the control of Shao KahnMK3
New York City Police OfficerMK3
Leading Member of the Brotherhood of Shadow, now trying to make CyberdemonsSecret character in MK2, MK3, Playable in UMK3
Leader of the Seidan ResistanceDeception
Being made up of the souls of fallen Edenian WarriorsUMK3
Oni from the NetherrealmDeadly Alliance
Made to either prevent or cause ArmageddonDeadly Alliance
Tiger ShokanSub-Boss in MK2

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