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Let's start with math: What is 397 X 10?
What is 55 - 77?
What is the area of a circle is the radius is 7 [see note above]?
What is the square root of 196?
What is [157+ 243-[Half of 150]] / [5 squared]?
Let's move on to history: Who invented the telephone?
What island did Columbus first land on during his first voyage to America?
Who was the first Roman Emperor?
On what date did WW2 start?
What year did the Boston Tea Party take place on?
Now Science and Geography: What is the world's tallest waterfall?
Who discovered radium?
What is the world's second largest mountain [after Everest]?
What is the first element on the Periodic table?
What hit Isacc Newton on the head that led him to discover gravity?
It's Breaktime, so let's have some Just for Fun Tests: What is the most common word in the English language?
Type out the following series of characters, exactly as it is: 9ExyoUI765AnF1!6
How many possible three-digit numbers can you make from 1,2 and 3
If we score a touchdown every five minutes in an hour long game, and score all our PAT's, how many points will we get?
How long will it take me to get home [10 miles away] if I walk at half a mile per 5 minutes

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